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#231 – Abundance for authors and taking action with Honoree Corder [Transcript]

#230 – Q&A Show on self-publishing and book marketing with me, Joanna Penn :) [Transcript]

#229 – Discipline and practice in writing and swordfighting with Guy Windsor [Transcript]

#228 – Productivity and working smarter, confidence for writers and breaking the rules with Chandler Bolt [Transcript]

#227 – Genre, story tips and getting a film deal with Charles Harris [Transcript]

#226 – Digital, mobile, global, indie? The future of publishing with Thad McIlroy [Transcript]

#225 – Social media tips for writers with Frances Caballo [Transcript]

#224 – Audiobook production and marketing tips with Jeffrey Kafer [Transcript]

#223 – On writing and mindset for indie authors with Susan Kaye Quinn [Transcript]

#222 – Q&A on writing, self-publishing and book marketing with me, Joanna Penn [Transcript]

#221 – Gaming, writing and collaboration with Nathan Meunier [Transcript]

#220 – Writing fast, building an audience and Facebook advertising for authors with Mark Dawson [Transcript]

#219 – Virtual reality for writers, publishing and gaming with Rob Morgan [Transcript]

#218 – Writing horror and making a fulltime living from your writing with Michaelbrent Collings [Transcript]

#217 – All your editing questions answered with Jen Blood [Transcript]

#216 – Tips on screenwriting, film rights and adapting your novel with Lucy V. Hay [Transcript]

#215 – Writing fiction: Tips on plot with Roz Morris [Transcript]

#214 – Book titles that sell, productivity for authors and marketing for introverts with Tim Grahl [Transcript]

#213 – How to use audio and podcasting effectively to promote your book with Viv Oyolu [Transcript]

#212 – Optimizing Kindle categories, email list building and Facebook advertising with Nick Stephenson [Transcript]

#211 – Marketing vs sales with Jim Kukral [Transcript]

#210 – Getting your self-published book into bookstores and libraries with Debbie Young [Transcript]

#209 – Overwhelmed as an author? How to work with virtual assistants with Chris Ducker

#208 – The Story Grid. How to tell a story and edit your fiction with Shawn Coyne [Transcript]

#207 – Game changing technology for self-publishing children’s picture books with Laura Backes [Transcript]

#206 – How to make a living as an author. A discussion between Joanna Penn and Mark McGuinness [Transcript]

#205 – Author earnings, audiobooks, global focus and more. 2014 roundup with Hugh McGuire

#204 – Audiobooks for indies with Simon Whistler [Transcript]

#203 – Writing the million dollar outline and resonance in writing with David Farland [Transcript]

#202 – Book cover design and entrepreneurship with Derek Murphy

#201 – The Christian publishing market with Jeremy Bouma [Transcript]

#200 – Reinvention and lessons from the journey. Special episode 200 plus an interview with Alexis Grant

#199 – From the first book to running a multi-genre story studio with Sean Platt [Transcript]

podcast review


#198 – Six figure success self-publishing non-fiction books with Steve Scott [Transcript]

#197 – Copyright, publishing contract clauses, image use and avoiding getting sued with Helen Sedwick

#196: Writing religious thrillers and storytelling lessons from commercial TV with Simon Toyne [Transcript]

#195: Creating Money, Creating Meaning with Orna Ross

#194: Productivity tips and running your author business with Jen Talty [Transcript]

#193: Self-publishing and the Bookstrapper’s Guide to book marketing, with Tucker Max [Transcript]

#192: Writing non-fiction as a side hustle with Nick Loper [Transcript]

#191: Author entrepreneur. Go direct and sell to your customers with Jim Kukral [Transcript]

#190: Writing fiction: Improve your dialogue with James Scott Bell [Transcript]

#189: Make Art. Make Money. Lessons from Jim Henson with Elizabeth Hyde Stevens [Transcript]

#188: Writing thrillers and lessons learned from forty years of writing with David Morrell [Transcript]

#187: The mindset of successful indie authors and longevity as a writer with Bob Mayer [Transcript]

#186: The Lion’s Gate, Resistance and Mental Toughness for Writers with Steven Pressfield [Transcript]

podcast review

#185: How audiobook narration and production works with Audible approved narrator and voice talent, Rosalind Ashford [Transcript]

#184 – Ryan Holiday on the author mindset, researching and writing non-fiction and The Obstacle is the Way. [Transcript]

#183 – Money, writing and life with Jane Friedman [Transcript]

#182 – From one book to running a business as an author with Johnny B. Truant [Transcript]

#181 – Business strategy and creative giants with Charlie Gilkey [Transcript]

#180 – Why authors should consider graphic novel adaptations with Nathan Massengill [Transcript]

#179 – Adapting Shakespeare to thriller pacing and academic publishing with AJ Hartley

#178 – Selling books at Kobo and publishing news with Mark Lefebvre

#177 – Die Empty. Managing your creative rhythm with Todd Henry

#176 – Tips for a long term writing career and writing historical fiction with Colin Falconer

#175 – Book marketing: How to use Wattpad as an author with Ashleigh Gardner

#174 – Self-publishing and marketing books for children with Karen Inglis

#173 – The entrepreneurial realities of being a pro writer with Mel Sherratt

#172 – Entrepreneurial publishing, book marketing and prolific living with Farnoosh Brock

#171 – Global market focus: Publishing and book marketing in India with Minal Hajratwala

#170 – Writing serial fiction and collaborative writing with David Wright

#169 – The Successful Writer’s Work Ethic with Kerry Wilkinson

#168 – How to self-publish in Germany with Matthias Matting

#167 – How to get in the zone and stay in it with Tom Evans

#166 – Combating platform fatigue and thinking long term for your writing career with Dan Blank

#165 – Goodreads for Authors with Patrick Brown

#164 – Writing memoir with Marion Roach Smith

#163 – On writing, self-publishing and the business of being a pro writer with James Scott Bell 

#162 – Writing thrillers, being prolific and video marketing with Jeremy Robinson

#161 – Audiobook narration and production with Veronica Giguere

#160 – Creativity, experimental literature and performance poetry with Dan Holloway

#159 – A Guide to Rights, and how you can exploit them as an indie, with Orna Ross

#158 – Content marketing, Google Plus and Book Marketing Tips With Penny Sansevieri

#157 – The business of writing, publishing and book marketing with Stephanie Chandler

#156 – Writing fiction: Bring your characters to life with Roz Morris

#155 – Writing travel memoir, tackling risk and adventuring with Alastair Humphreys

#154 – Short Story: Sins of Temptation. Written by J.F.Penn and read by the author. Based on Dante’s Inferno for Kobo Descent competition.

#153 – Microdomination: Branding, content marketing and social media with Trevor Young

#152 – Book design elements and interior formatting with Jane Dixon Smith

#151 – Getting a book deal from a blog and launching a best-selling non-fiction book with Marianne Cantwell

#150 – How to record, produce and distribute audiobooks with J. Daniel Sawyer

#149 – On Violence and Writing Fight Scenes with Jarrah Loh

#148 – Book Marketing: How to Write Press Releases with Steven Lewis

#147 – Writing, Illustrating and Marketing Children’s Books with Katie Davis

#146 – State of self-publishing and 5 things to get sorted for 2013

#145 – Productivity for Writers and Taking Writing Seriously. A discussion with Iain Broome.

#144 – Copywiting and making money as a writer with Mindy McHorse

#143 – Ebook publishing on Kobo with Mark Lefebvre, Kobo’s Director of Self-Publishing

#142 – Writing metaphor, memorable scenes and horror with Chuck Wendig

#141 – Publishing ebooks for Dummies with Ali Luke

#140 – Publishing choices, and using PR and traditional media with Polly Courtney

#139 – Writing, creativity and the empowerment of the author with Orna Ross

#138 – Writing thrillers and adventures in publishing with Boyd Morrison

#137 – Build a full-time writing career slowly with Lindsay Buroker

#136 – The Millionaire Author Mindset with Stephanie Hale

#135 – Wired for Story: Using Brain Science to Hook Readers with Lisa Cron

#134 – Becoming a Pro Writer and selling thousands of books a month with NY Times bestselling author CJ Lyons

#133 – Writing about death and crime scenes with ex-homicide detective and coroner Garry Rodgers

#132 – Writing religion and spirituality with Jill Carroll

#131 – Winning the hearts and minds of readers through editing with Matt Gartland from

#130 – Becoming a creative genius with Phil South

#129 – Author websites, branding and copywriting with James Chartrand from Men With Pens

#128 – Marketing fiction vs non-fiction with Johnny B. Truant

#127 – Marketing your way to a #1 Amazon bestseller with Rachel Abbott

#126 – Secrets of Amazon metadata with #1 Amazon bestseller Mark Edwards

#125 – You are a writer. Act like one. With Jeff Goins.

#124 – Writing Mystery and the Entrepreneurial Indie Spirit with Adam Croft

#123 – Writing tips: Guns, Bullets and Shooting with J.Daniel Sawyer

#122 – Success in Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing Takes Time with Jane Friedman

#121 – From indie author to hybrid with Amazon’s Thomas Mercer Imprint with Scott Nicholson

#120 – Character development, setting and writing thrillers with Layton Green

#119 – Award winning literary fiction and Transmedia with Kate Pullinger

#118 – Make your own luck with social media with Alexis Grant

#117 – The empowerment of indie publishing with David Gaughran

#116 – Writing epic fantasy and becoming a pro author with Michael J Sullivan

#115 – Getting attention and no publisher needed with Jim Kukral

#114 – Lessons learned from publishing innovation The Domino Project with Ishita Gupta

#113 – Self-publishing and ebook predictions for 2012 + Kindle Select with Steven Lewis

#112 – The importance of indie books with Indie Reader Amy Edelman

#111 – The Joy of English with Jesse Karjalainen (grammar and English language usage)

#110 – Serial fiction with author entrepreneur Sean Platt

#109 – The Art & Craft of Story with Victoria Mixon

#108 – Six figure self-publishing with Robin Sullivan

#107 – Social media marketing enthusiasm with Dan Blank

#106 – Writing literary fiction with Roz Morris

#105 – Book Cover Design Tips with book cover designer Anthony Puttee

#104 – How to get book reviews with Dana Lynn Smith

#103 – How to write fight scenes with Alan Baxter

#102 – Publishing Guide to Twitter with Jon Reed from Publishing Talk

#101 – Writing thrillers and action-adventure with David Wood

#100 – What I have learned in the last 2 years – 100th podcast celebration – by Joanna Penn

#99: Writing Historical Romance and the Christian market with Jody Hedlund

#98: The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments with Tom Evans, The Bookwright

#97: Book Marketing Q&A with Joanna Penn

#96: Getting a book deal from your online platform with Jim Hopkinson, Wired’s marketing guy

#95: Kindle sales and pricing with Stephen Windwalker

#94: Researching your novel and experiences in publishing with Warren Fahy, author of Fragment

#93: Book Marketing for Introverts with Ruth Ann Nordin

#92: Social media marketing strategy with Marian Schembari

#91: On leaving traditional publishing for ebook sales success with LJ Sellers

#90: Crime Fiction: The Truth about Police Investigation with Joe Giacalone

#89: Writing Chick Lit with Benison Anne O’Reilly

#88: Lessons for writers from the theatre with David Farmer

#87: Book Launches and Marketing for Pentecost and Save My Soul with Joanna Penn and Zoe Winters

#86: What writers get wrong about psychology with Carolyn Kaufman

#85: Copywriting and patience with traditional publishing with Iain Broome

#84: Nailing your novel with Roz Morris

#83: Branding yourself and productivity tips with Mars Dorian

#82: Creative Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing with Mark McGuinness

#81: Writing mysteries with Elizabeth Spann Craig/ Riley Adams

#80: On changing your life, writing and marketing a book with Joanna Penn

#79: How ‘Machine of Death’ became an Indie Amazon Bestseller with David Malki !

#78: How to improve your blog with Annabel Candy from Get In The Hot Spot

#77: Achieving goals with Ian Usher, who sold his life on eBay

#76: Kindle bestsellers, Blog Book Tours and and ebook success with Scott Nicholson

#75: Writing, Blogging and Authenticity with Justine Musk,

#74: Ebook design and Romance writing with Moriah Jovan

#73: Editing a novel with Steve Parolini, the Novel Doctor

#72: Writing Fantasy and Being a Pro-Novelist with Philippa Ballantine

#71: Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing with Dean Wesley Smith

#70: Multi-media publishing and book promotion with Greg McQueen from Big Bad Media

#69: Ebook publishing inspiration with Mark Coker from Smashwords

#68: Being an indie author and self-publishing with Zoe Winters

#67: Writing your life story with Jo Parfitt

#66: Writing and Neuroscience with Livia Blackburne

#65: Writing Memoir and Using Scribd for Book Promotion with Hyla Molander

#64: How to use Book Trailers Effectively with Darcy Pattison

#63: Copywriting that sells your books with Paul Lonergan

#62: Ebook publishing with Michelle Halket, ireadiwrite Publishing

#61: Spoken Word Poetry with Ami Mattison

#60: Authenticity, Creative Expression and Beating Fear of Judgement with Robert Rabbin

#59: How to Write a Book Proposal with Gary Smailes from BubbleCow

#58: Inspiration for Authors on Resilience, Accepting Criticism and Being an Introvert with Clare Edwards

#57: Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Tips from Dan Poynter

#56: Writing Books for Children with Fiona Ingram

#55: How to build buzz for your book with Aggie Villanueva

#54: How to be a NY Times Bestselling Author with Scott Sigler(with transcript)

#53: On Frugal Book Promotion with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

#52: Using Writing Software To Organise Your Novel and Being an Author-Entrepreneur with Harriet Smart (Includes Transcript)

#51: First time novel publishing experience with Graham Storrs

#50: Advanced Blogging Tips for Authors with Blogging Teacher, Paul Cunningham (Includes Transcript)

#49: Using video for book promotion with Gideon Shalwick, internet video expert (Includes Transcript)

#48: Crime writer Seth Harwood on new publishing paradigms and author marketing

#47: How to find your authentic writer’s voice with Julia McCutchen

#46: Writing romance and first time novel experiences with Dean Mayes

#45: Crime writing and tips on getting an agent with Sam Blake

#44: Book Design with Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer (with transcript)

#43: Creating iPhone apps for your books with Tom Evans, The Bookwright

#42: Writing Supernatural Themes and Fight Scenes with Dark Fantasy Author Alan Baxter

#41: EBook Q&A with Joshua Tallent from (Includes Transcript)

#40: Beat Procrastination with Peak Performance Coach, Rajeev Dewan

#39: Book Marketing: Your Questions Answered by Joanna Penn (with transcript)

#38: Self-Publishing, your questions answered in interview with April Hamilton, Indie Author (Includes Transcript)

#37: How to Write Your First Book with Joanna Penn (interviewed by Lenore Miller)

#36: Writing Family Humour and Fulfilling Your Dreams with Jane Grieve

#35: How to become a Wealthy Author of Non Fiction Books by Debbie Jenkins

#34: Blogging Basics for Writers with Joel Williams, The Blog Tech Guy

#33: Tips for sci-fi/ fantasy authors with Philippa Ballantine, J. Daniel Sawyer & Chris Lester

#32: J.C. Hutchins on Writing Thriller Novels and Publishing Success for 7th Son

#31: Mur Lafferty on Writing Novels and Top Tips for NaNoWriMo

#30: Alexis Grant on Writer’s Retreats and Travel Writing

#29: Matthew Cavnar from on How the Vook is Changing Publishing

#28: Henry Baum on the Opportunities in Self Publishing

#27: Neal Hoskins on Publishing Books as iPhone apps

#26: Dana Lynn Smith on Book Marketing Plans

#25: Julia McCutchen on Brilliant Book Proposals and the Traditional Publishing Process

#24: Tony Eldridge on Adventure Novels and Book Marketing

#23: Medialoper Kirk Biglione on Ebooks and Digital Media

#22: Alastair Humphreys on Travel Writing and Achieving Outrageous Goals

#21 Lauren Roche on Writing as Therapy and her Inspirational Memoir

#20: Grant McDuling on The Business of Selling Words (and make a 6 figure income)

#19: Jeffrey Kafer on being an Audiobook Voice Talent and tips for authors DIY

#18: Trevor Young, PR Warrior on marketing and promotion ideas for authors

#17: Joanna Penn on Writing and Publishing interviewed by Frankie Mueller

#16 Tom Evans, the Bookwright, on overcoming writer’s block

#15 Pip Ballantine on her 12 year overnight success podcasting to traditional publishing deal

#14  Tee Morris on performance, podcasting and social media for authors

#13 Joanna Penn (yes, me!) on How Publishing Has Changed and Why Authors Must Too

#12  Iggy Pintado on the power of connection for authors

#11: Heather Wallace on Print-on-Demand – what is it and how can you use it

#10: Author 2.0 teaser featuring tips from great interviews with some big names in the web 2.0 author world!

#9 – Podcast: Joan Kremer on Writing and Authors in Second Life

#8 – Podcast: Steve Tiano on Book Design and Layout including tips for self-publishers

#7 – Podcast: Author Seth Harwood on podcasting to print publishing and building your author platform

#6: Podcast: Dale Beaumont on being an Author Entrepreneur

#5: Podcast: Karen Schmidt on being a professional speaker and author

#4: Podcast: J.C Hutchins explains the cross-media phenomenon “Personal Effects: Dark Art”

#3: Podcast: Roger C. Parker: Tips for a successful author platform

#2: Podcast: Ron Nash on writing, publishing and web 2.0 book promotion

#1: Podcast: Rachael Bermingham explains her tips on promotion after selling over 1 million books