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“I highly recommend listening to the podcasts by Joanna Penn. Her joyful, lovable style and positive attitude is addicting, and her interviews dive right into the meat of the matter.” Mark S. R. Peterson

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“The Creative Penn is an essential part of every author's toolkit. I especially love the futurist segments, tech updates, and industry updates–the curation and analysis is extremely helpful for keeping track of what's happening–and what's coming. Plus, Joanna's progressive and slightly rebellious mindset really resonates with me. Proud to be part of this exciting indie community.” E.A.Sandrose

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Podcast episodes with transcripts

#731 – The Next Strategic Step on your Author Journey, and Author Nation with Joe Solari

#730 – My 2024 Creative and Business Goals with Joanna Penn

#729 – Review of my 2023 Creative and Business Goals with Joanna Penn

#728 – The 15-Year Creative and Business Pivot with Joanna Penn

#727 – How Generative AI Search Will Impact Book Discoverability in the Next Decade with Joanna Penn

#726 – Self-Publishing a Cookery Photobook with Jane Dixon-Smith

#725 – Subscriptions and the Creator Economy with Michael Evans

#724 – Starting a Second Career as an Author and Networking Tips with Patrick O'Donnell

#723 – The Mindset and Business of Selling Books Direct with Russell Nohelty

#722 – Pinterest for Book Marketing with Trona Freeman

#721 – Managing Your Author Business for the Long Term with Tracy Cooper-Posey

#720 – Stop Trying To Do Everything with Patricia McLinn

#719 – Writing the Soul of Place with Linda Lappin

#718 – Let Your Dark Horse Run. Writing The Shadow With Joanna Penn

#717 – Writing Faster Without Burning Out with LA Witt

#716 – Adapting to Change with Jessie Kwak

#715 – Writing and Publishing a High Quality Photo Book with Jeremy Bassetti

#714 – Lessons Learned from 12 Years as an Author Entrepreneur

#713 – Writing and Producing Audio Drama with Joanne Phillips

#712 – Using AI Images In Your Book Cover Design Process with Damon Freeman

#711 – Producing Visual, High Quality Books, Thinking Differently and Kickstarter Tips with Holger Nils Pohl

#710 – Writing Poetry in the Dark with Stephanie M. Wytovich

#709 – Build a Successful Author Career for the Long Term with Joe Solari

#708 – Publishing Books for Children and Profitable School Visits with Tonya Duncan Ellis

#707 – How AI Tools Are Useful For Authors with Disabilities and Health Issues with S.J. Pajonas

#706 – The Marketing Mind Shift and the Power of Ad Stacking with Ricci Wolman

#705 – Writing Fast, Collaboration, and Author Mindset with Dan Willcocks

#704 – Writing From Your Shadow Side with Michaelbrent Collings

#703 – Your Publishing Options with Rachael Herron

#702 – Writing Tips from the Movies and TV with John Gaspard

#701 – 9 Ways That AI Will Disrupt Authors and the Publishing Industry in the Next Decade [2023 Update] with Joanna Penn and Nick Thacker

#700 – Using Sudowrite for Writing Fiction with Amit Gupta

#699 – The Craft and Business of Writing Non-Fiction Books with Stephanie Chandler

#698 – How Authors Can Use Bookfunnel to Reach Readers and Sell Direct with Damon Courtney

#697 – Novel Marketing and Christian Publishing with Thomas Umstattd Jr

#696 – Writing Your Transcendent Change. Memoir with Marion Roach Smith

#695 – Crafting your Novel's Key Moments with John Fox

#694 – Writing Novels Inspired by Place with Tony Park

#693 – Making Art from Life. Mental Health for Writers with Toby Neal

#692 – Intentionality, Beauty and Authorship. Co-writing with AI with Stephen Marche

#691 – Generative AI and the Indie Author Community with Dan Wood (Draft2Digital), Michael Anderle (LMBPN, 20BooksTo50K), and Joanna Penn

#690 – The AI-Assisted Artisan Author with Joanna Penn

#689 – Excellent Advice for Living with Kevin Kelly

#688 – Book Marketing: How to Get Publicity for Your Book with Halima Khatun

#687 – The Challenges of Small Press Publishing with Jon Barton, Vertebrate Publishing

#686 – Improve your writing with ProWritingAid with Chris Banks

#685 – Writing Nature Memoir with Merryn Glover

#683 – Legal Aspects of Generative AI and Copyright with Kathryn Goldman

#682 – Lessons Learned and Tips from Pilgrimage, My First Kickstarter Campaign

#681 – Prolific Writing, Diversification, and Using Emerging Technologies with Joseph Nassise

#680 – Writing Fiction with Sudowrite with Leanne Leeds

#679 – Content for Everyone: Accessibility for Authors with Jeff Adams

#678 – Writing and Investing for a Long-Term Indie Author Career with Lindsay Buroker

#677 – How to Build a 7-Figure Book Business with Shopify With Pierre Jeanty

#676 – The “Tsunami of Crap,” Misinformation, and Responsible use of AI with Tim Boucher

#675 – Co-Writing in a Shared Universe and Changing Indie Business Models with Martha Carr

#674 – Book Marketing Mindset, Ideas, and Ambition with Honoree Corder

#673 – Writing Choctaw Characters and Diversity in Fiction with Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

#672 – The Empowerment of Selling Books Direct to Your Readers with Steve Pieper

#671 – Writing Travel Memoir, Fear of Judgment, Fear of Failure, and Journaling with J.F. Penn

#670 – The Importance of Confident Creative Direction, Voice, and Taste In Generative AI Art with Oliver Altair

#669 – Multi-Six Figure Book Sales and the Power of Daily Habits with Marc Reklau

#668 – Intuitive Writing and Marketing with Becca Syme

#667 – How To (Finally) Finish Your Book with Roz Morris

#666 – How to Use Paid Advertising as Part of Your Book Marketing with Mark Dawson

#665 – My 2023 Creative and Business Goals with Joanna Penn

#664 – Review of my 2022 Creative and Business Goals with Joanna Penn

#663 – What Do You Need To Quit? With Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

#662 – Changes in Publishing with Jane Friedman

#661 – Choosing Your Route To Publication with Barnaby Jameson

#660 – Co-writing Fiction with Generative AI with Charlene Putney

#659 – Pivoting Genres and Mindset Tips for Success with Dan Padavona

#658 – The Anatomy of Genres with John Truby

#657 – The Long Game with Dorie Clark

#656 – Using Generative AI for Digital Collectibles and NFTs with J. Thorn

#655 – 5 Steps to Author Success with Rachel McLean

#654 – Self-Publishing Launchpad with James Blatch

#653 – Writing and Marketing Diverse Books for Children with Ada-Ari

#652 – Using Tropes to Strengthen Your Fiction with Jennifer Hilt

#651 – Writing Beginnings with Shane Millar

#650 – How Creativity Rules the World with Maria Brito

#649 – Using AI for Art, Images, and Book Covers with Derek Murphy

#648 – The Way of the Fearless Writer with Beth Kempton

#647 – Different Traditional Publishing Experiences with Georgina Cross

#646 – Writing Tips: Outlining/Plotting vs Discovery Writing/Pantsing with Joanna Penn

#645 – Transmedia and Self-Publishing Comics and Graphic Novels with Barry Nugent

#644 – Lessons Learned from 11 Years as an Author Entrepreneur

#643 – Estate Planning for Authors with Michael La Ronn

#642 – Auto-Narrated Audiobooks with Ryan Dingler from Google Play Books

#641 – Writing Conflict with Becca Puglisi

#640 – Selling Books Direct with Shopify: The Minimum Viable Store with Joanna Penn

#639 – Selling Books Direct on Shopify with Morgana Best

#638 – Lessons Learned from 3 Years as a Full-Time Author with Sacha Black

#637 – Blockchain for Copyright and Intellectual Property with Roanie Levy

#636 – Writing a Bestseller with A.G. Riddle

#635 – Reach: Create the Biggest Audience For Your Book with Becky Robinson

#634 – Writing a Novel Will Change Your Life. Introduction from the Audiobook of How To Write a Novel, narrated by Joanna Penn

#633 – Writing for the Long Term with Tess Gerritsen

#632 – Self-Publishing  and Crowdfunding Special Print Editions with John Bond and Chris Wold from White Fox

#631 – Different Kinds of Editing, and How to Find an Editor, with Kristen Tate

#630 – Writing Twists and Marketing as a Traditionally Published Author with Clare Mackintosh

#629 – Writing with Artificial Intelligence with Andrew Mayne from OpenAI

#628 – Selling Books Direct on Shopify with Katie Cross

#627 – Kickstarter and Multiple Streams of Income with Bryan Cohen

#626 – How to Get Your Self-Published Book into Libraries with Eric Otis Simmons

#625 – Build Your Email List with Reader Magnets with Tammi Labrecque

#624 – Writing Characters with Matt Bird

#623 – An Update on AI-Narrated Audiobooks for May 2022 with Joanna Penn

#622 – Writing, Independence, and Selling Books Direct with Derek Sivers

#621 – Financial and Tax Implications of NFTs with Joe David, Crypto Accountant

#620 – Writing a Successful Crime Thriller Series with Angela Marsons

#619 – 7 Figure Fiction with Theodora Taylor

#618 – Creating a Fictional World in Web 3 with Rae Wojcik and Stephen Poynter 

#617 – Writing Craft: From Big Idea to Book with Jessie Kwak

#616 – Creating and Selling Books for Children with Daniel Jude Miller

#615 – Writing Tips: Intuitive Editing with Tiffany Yates Martin

#614 – Kickstarter for Authors with Monica Leonelle

#613 – The Legal Side of Intellectual Property, NFTs, and DAOs with Kathryn Goldman

#612 – Your Story Matters with Nikesh Shukla

#611 – Different Ways of Publishing Through SubStack and NFTs with Elle Griffin

#610 – Creativity, Collaboration, Community, and Cash. An Overview of NFTs for Authors with Joanna Penn

#609 – Improve Your Creativity with Dan Holloway

#608 – Dealing with Self-Doubt and Writer's Block with Dharma Kelleher

#607 – Pivoting on the Creative Journey with Johnny B Truant

#606 – Writing Tips: Lessons Learned From Rewriting My First Novel After More Than A Decade

#605 – Tips for Indie Author Success and 20 Books To 50K with Craig Martelle

#604 – Draft2Digital Acquires Smashwords. The Opportunities Ahead for Wide Publishing with Mark Coker and Kevin Tumlinson

#603 – Self-Publishing in Jamaica and the Caribbean and the Importance of Diverse Voices with C. Ruth Taylor

#602 – Book Marketing Tips for the Long Term with John Kremer

#601 – The Creative Potential of NFTs for Authors with J. Thorn and Joanna Penn

#600 – Thoughts on Writing Craft, Self-Publishing, Marketing, Mindset and the Author Business with Joanna Penn

#599 – Take Back Your Book: An Author's Guide to Rights Reversion with Katlyn Duncan

#598 – The Craft and Business of Poetry with Rishi Dastidar

#597 – A Writer's Guide To The End of Self-Doubt with William Kenower

#596 – Improve Your Sleep and Creativity with Dr. Anne D. Bartolucci

#595 – My Creative and Business Goals for 2022

#594 – Not Quite The Year We Hoped For. Review of my 2021 Creative and Business Goals with Joanna Penn

#593 – How to Find Time to Write and Make the Most of Your Writing Time with Joanna Penn

#592 – Story or Die with Lisa Cron

#591 – Writing Hooks and Improving Your Fiction Book Description with Michaelbrent Collings

#590 – Patience, Ambition, and Financial Independence with MK Williams

#589 – Digital Narration with AI Voices with Taylan Kamis from DeepZen

#588 – Short Stories as the Basis to an Award-winning Career with Alan Baxter

#587 – Can Stories Save The World? Writing for the Environment with Denise Baden

#586 – Big Ideas in Technology and Publishing With Michael Bhaskar

#585 – Amazon Keywords, and Atticus for Writing and Formatting with Dave Chesson

#584 – Pitching a Book for Film or TV with Chrissy Metge

#583 – Creatokia. A World of Digital Originals with Jens Klingelhöfer and John Ruhrmann

#582 – Writing and Podcasting Poetry with Mark McGuinness

#581 – The Ownership Economy. Business Models Around NFTs with Jessica Artemisia

#580 – Who Killed My Mother? Writing and Podcasting True Crime Memoir with Kory Shrum

#579 – How to Research Your Book with Vikki Carter, The Author's Librarian

#578 – Build Better Worlds: Anthropology for Writers with Michael Kilman

#577 – How to Use Mystery to Hook Your Readers with Jonah Lehrer

#576 – Opportunities for Audiobooks and Introducing the Findaway Voices Marketplace with Will Dages

#575 – Co-Writing The Relaxed Author with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

#574 – Writing and Producing Audio Drama and Podcast Fiction with Sarah Werner

#573 – Travel Writing with Jeremy Bassetti

#572 – Author Mindset. Strengths for Writers with Becca Syme

#571 – Narrative Design in the Gaming Industry with Edwin McRae

#570 – Stories Are What Save Us: Writing About Trauma with David Chrisinger

#569 – Worldbuilding with Angeline Trevena

#568 – The Metaverse for Authors and Publishing. Web 3.0, VR, AR and the Spatial Web

#567 – Lessons Learned From A Decade of Self-Publishing and Marketing Children's Books with Karen Inglis

#566 – Bringing Old World Publishing to New World Creators with John Bond from White Fox

#565 – Rediscover Your Creative Free Spirit with Peleg Top

#564 – Writing and Publishing Literary Fiction with Roz Morris

#563 – Gentle Book Marketing with Sarah Santacroce

#562 – Co-Creating with AI Writing and Image Tools with Shane Neeley

#561 – Writing and Marketing Crime Fiction with Ed James

#560 – From Self-Published Book To A Life-Changing Health Movement with Gin Stephens

#559 – Writing Humor and Insights from a Long-Term Creative Career with Scott Dikkers

#558 – Writing Fiction with AI. Sudowrite with Amit Gupta

#557 – Writing Non-Fiction with Personal Stories with Natalie Sisson

#556 – Embracing Multi-Passionate Creativity and Running a Small Press with Jessica Bell

#555 – NFTs for Authors with John Fox

#554 – Transitioning from an In-Person Business to Multiple Streams of Income Online with Guy Windsor

#553 – How to Edit Your Book and the Different Kinds of Professional Editors with Natasa Lekic

#552 – Discovery Writing and Sustaining a Long-Term Writing Career with Patricia McLinn

#551 – The Challenges of a First Novel with James Blatch

#550 – The Heroine's Journey with Gail Carriger

#549 – The AI-Powered Micro-business with Ash Fontana

#548 – Tips for Translation, Self-Publishing and Marketing in Foreign Languages with Nadine Mutas

#547 – Mind Management, Not Time Management with David Kadavy

#546 – Global, Wide, Self-Publishing with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

#545 – Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Books for Children with Crystal Swain-Bates

#544 – Publish Wide, Sell More Books, And AI for Voice. Ryan Dingler on Google Play Books

#543 – Writing Dialogue and Character Voice with Jeff Elkins

#542 – Fix Your Writing Tics with Chris Banks From ProWritingAid

#541 – What Can Authors Learn From Digital Changes In The Music Industry? With Tristra Newyear Yeager

#540 – How To Write a Cozy Mystery with Debbie Young

#539 – Successful Self-Publishing on Kobo Writing Life with Tara Cremin

#538 – Copyright Protection, Smart Contracts, Digital Scarcity and NFTs. Blockchain with Simon-Pierre Marion

#537 – Warrior of the Blank Page. Writing, Marketing, and Mindset with Steven Pressfield

#536 – How to Write Authentic Crime Fiction with Patrick O'Donnell from Cops and Writers

#535 – The AI-Augmented Author. Writing with GPT-3 with Paul Bellow

#534 – How to Structure and Write a Series with Sara Rosett

#533 – How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal with Alison Jones

#532 – The Artist in the Machine: The World of AI-Powered Creativity with Arthur I. Miller

#531 – Value Your Books For the Long Term with David Farland

#530 – Stop Worrying, Start Selling. Change Your Author Mindset with Sarah Painter

#529 – Turn Your Author Failures, Setbacks, and Mistakes Into Success with Joanna Penn and Orna Ross

#528 – A Techno-Optimist's View of the Creative Future for Authors. Joanna Penn on The Kindle Chronicles

#527 – Co-writing with Artificial Intelligence with Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

#526 – It's Never Too Late. How to Achieve Your Goals At Any Age With Kate Champion

#525 – How to be a Healthy Writer in 2021 with Dr. Euan Lawson

#524 – Creative Business Goals for 2021 with Joanna Penn

#523 – Creative and Business Review of 2020 and Lessons Learned From a Pandemic Year with Joanna Penn

#522 – Tips for Your Author Business Plan with Joanna Penn

#521 – From Chaos to Creativity: Productivity for Writers with Jessie Kwak

#520 – Voice Technologies, Streaming and Subscription Audio in a Time of Artificial Intelligence with Joanna Penn

#519 – Copyright Law and Blockchain for Authors in an Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Joanna Penn

#518 – Writing in an Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Joanna Penn

#517 – Business Mindset and Pivoting Your Author Career with Holly Worton

#516 – YouTube for Authors and Multiple Streams of Income with Meg La Torre

#515 – Networking for Authors with Daniel Parsons

#514 – How to Write and Market Books Across Multiple Genres with Wendy H. Jones

#513 – Writing in the Dark. Horror Writing Tips with Tim Waggoner

#512 – Building a Creative Business Brand with Pamela Wilson

#511 – Mental Models for Writers and the Empowered Indie Author with Michael La Ronn

#510 – Outlining your Novel and Filling the Creative Well with K.M Weiland

#509 – Starting From Zero and Success with BookBub Ads with David Gaughran

#508 – Audiobook Narration, Production and Marketing Tips with Derek Doepker

#507 – Publishing Wide for the Win with Erin Wright

#506 – Creativity, Business, and Ambition with Emily Kimelman

#505 – Changes in Ebook Publishing Over The Last Decade And Possible Changes Ahead With Len Edgerly from The Kindle Chronicles Podcast

#504 – How to Write Narrative Non-Fiction with Matt Hongoltz-Hetling

#503 – How to Reboot a Flagging Author Career with Michaelbrent Collings

#502 – AI and Creativity Update: A Voice Double Conversation between Joanna Penn and Mark Leslie Lefebvre

#501 – How to Write a Bestseller with Suzy K Quinn

#500 – Writing and Business Lessons from 500 Episodes and 11 Years of The Creative Penn Podcast

#499 – Writing Action Adventure Fiction and Systems Thinking with Nick Thacker

#498 – Writing a Series. Satisfy Readers and Make More Money with Lindsay Buroker

#497 – How to Write Monsters with Philip Athans

#496 – How to Write Memoir with Marion Roach Smith

#495 – Building a Creative Business for the Long Term with Natalie Sisson

#494 – How to Develop Bestselling Story Ideas with JD Barker

#493 – How to Self-Edit Your Novel with Kris Spisak

#492 – Creativity, Artificial Intelligence and Time Off with Max Frenzel

#491 – How to Take Your Author Career to the Next Level with Mark Dawson

#490 – How Character Flaws Shape Story with Will Storr

#489 – The 7-Figure, One-Person Creative Business with Elaine Pofeldt

#488 – Great Stories Don't Write Themselves. How to Develop Strong Fiction Ideas with Larry Brooks

#487 – Writing and Selling Short Fiction with Matty Dalrymple

#486 – Writing and Working Together as a Creative Couple with Jeff Adams and Will Knauss

#485 – Building a Unique Author Brand with Gail Carriger

#484 – How to Stay Creative in Difficult Times with Mark McGuinness (A Lockdown Special)

#483 – How to Sell Your Books in Bulk and Make More Money as an Author with David Chilton

#482 – How to Get your Book into Libraries and Bookstores with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

#481 – Keep Going: How to be Creative for the Long-Term with Austin Kleon

#480 – A Career in Writing with Danielle Trussoni

#479 – Writing Full-time: The Career Author with J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon

#478 – Opportunities in Audiobook Publishing with Michele Cobb from the Audio Publishers Association

#477 – How to Find and Pitch a Literary Agent with Barbara Poelle

#476 – Writing Fight Scenes with Female Characters with Aiki Flinthart

#475 – From Blog to Book and Repurposing Content with Amy Woods

#474 – Writing Crime Fiction: Myths and Misconceptions About the FBI with Jerri Williams

#473 – Empowering Authors Around Copyright with Rebecca Giblin

#472 – How to Pitch your Book to Agents, Publishers or Readers with Kate Harrison

#471 – How Will Self-Publishing Change in the 2020s? With Joanna Penn and Orna Ross

#470 – How to Focus and be Indistractable with Nir Eyal

#469 – Financial Independent, Retire Early (FIRE) for Authors with Brad Barrett from Choose FI

#468 – Operation Evergreen: My Creative and Business Goals for 2020

#467 – 2019 Round-up. Did I Achieve My Creative Goals? Did You? 

#466 – 2009 – 2019: Reflections on a Decade of Self-Publishing with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

#465 – From Book to Hollywood Film with Ken Atchity

#464 – The Key to Long Term Success as a Writer with Kevin J Anderson

#463 – How to Effectively Work from Home with Amanda Brown, the Homepreneur

#462 – Writing with a Family. Productivity Tips with Andrea Pearson

#461 – Tips for Self-Publishing in Translation: Adventures with AI and German with Joanna Penn

#460 – How to Sell More Books with Reader Funnels with Mark Dawson

#459 – How to Write Your Darkness with David Wright

#458 – From Bestselling Book to Netflix Series with Vikram Chandra, Author of Sacred Games

#457 – How to be a Free Range Human with Marianne Cantwell

#456 – From Indie Author to Creative Empire with Michael Anderle from 20BooksTo50K

#455 – Why Authors Should Learn to Speak in Public with Joanna Penn

#454 – How to Write a Novel in a Month #NaNoWriMo with Grant Faulkner

#453 – Writing for Audio First with Jules Horne

#452 – Book Marketing: Publicity Tips for your Book with Dana Kaye

#451 – Trust your Creativity and Choose Yourself with Jen Louden

#450 – Writing Tips: Unforgettable Endings with James Scott Bell

#449 – Audiobook Narration and Performance Tips for Authors with Sean Pratt

#448 – Happiness, Anxiety and Writing with a Full Time Day Job with Lisa M Lilly

#447 – Podcasting goes Mainstream. How can Authors Benefit? Lessons Learned from Podcast Movement 2019 with Joanna Penn

#446 – Navigating Changes in the Publishing Industry with Mike Shatzkin

#445 – The Creative Introvert with Cat Rose

#444 – Transitioning to a Full-time Creative Career with Blaire Palmer

#443 – Book Marketing: Content Marketing Strategy with Pamela Wilson

#442 – Amazon Advertising Insights with Russell Blake and Michael Beverly

#441 – Flash Fiction and Making a Living as a Writer with Jason Brick

#440 – Managing a Diverse Creative Career with Tim Chizmar

#439 – Attraction Marketing and Tips for Creative Business with Andre Chaperon

#438 – Mobile Payments, Reaching Chinese Readers, and AI for Voice with Makoto Tokudome

#437 – 9 Ways That Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Disrupt Authors and the Publishing Industry in the Next 10 Years

#436 – Storyteller: Audiobook Narration Tips with Lorelei King

#435 – How to be an Unskippable Author with Jim Kukral

#434 – Writing Memoir And Marketing Under a New Author Pen-Name with Toby Neal

#433 – Writing Conflict in Crime Fiction with Detective Adam Richardson

#432 – Pinterest and Instagram for Writers with Frances Caballo

#431 – Self-Publishing and Marketing Literary Fiction with Jane Davis

#430 – Book Marketing: Voice Search for Authors with Miral Sattar

#429 – Exclusive vs Wide Publishing for Ebooks, Print, and Audio with Joanna Penn

#428 – Writing and Marketing Travel Memoir with Adventurer Alastair Humphreys

#427 – How to Pitch your Book for TV and Film with DJ Williams

#426 – The Author Entrepreneur Ethos with Jarie Bolander

#425 – The Importance of Self-Editing and Why You Need to Read your Publishing Contracts with Ruth Ware 

#424Autopsies for Authors with Geoff Symon

#423 – Verbalize: Strengthen your Writing with the Power of Words with Damon Suede

#422 – 10 Years of The Creative Penn Podcast. 3.2 Million Downloads in 215 Countries

#421 – AI and Creativity with Marcus Du Sautoy

#420 – Writing Heroes and Villains with Sacha Black

#419 – Creativity, Symbolism and Writing with the Tarot with Caroline Donahue

#418 – 7 Reasons to Narrate your Own Audiobooks with Joanna Penn

#417 – Audiobooks for Authors with Will Dages from Findaway Voices

#416 – How to be Successful in Writing Horror and Tips for Making a Full-Time Living as an Indie Author with Iain Rob Wright

#415 – How to Take Your Creative Business to the Next Level with Tara McMullin

#414 – Author Email List and Newsletter Tips with Tammi Labrecque

#413 – How To Be a Successful Company Of One with Paul Jarvis

#412 – Voice Technologies for Authors with Bradley Metrock

#411 – Lessons for 21st Century Creatives with Mark McGuinness

#410 – Trends for Authors and Creative Goal Setting 2019

#409 – Round-up of 2018 Writing Goals and Lessons Learned

#408 – Tips for Long-Term Publishing Success with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

#407 – How to be Successful When Publishing Wide with Adam Croft

#406 – Freedom and Long-Term Business Thinking with Yaro Starak

#405 – From First Book to Multi-Six Figure Writing Business: 10 Years of The Creative Penn

#404 – Plot Gardening with Chris Fox

#403 – How to Scale your Author Business with Joseph Alexander

#402 – 5 Tips for Successful Publishing and Book Marketing. Lessons Learned from the Independent Author Conference with Joanna Penn

#401 – Book Cover Design Tips with Stuart Bache

#400 – How to Sell More Books on Kobo with Camille Mofidi

#399 – Self-Publishing 3.0 and How to Build Success as an Indie Author with Orna Ross

#398 – 80 Million Books Sold. Tips for Long-Term Success with Urban Fantasy Author, Sherrilyn Kenyon

#397 – How to be a Prolific Writer with Bec Evans from Prolifiko

#396 – Doubling Down on What You Love and Opportunities When Publishing Wide. My Lessons From NINC 2018 with Joanna Penn

#395 – Book Marketing: How to Find and Fix Your Book Sales Problem with Dave Chesson

#394 – Author Mindset: Choose Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae

#393 – Travel Writing 2.0 with Tim Leffel

#392 – Author Mindset: Your Roadmap to Winning Creative Battles with Tim Grahl

#391 – Global Publishing with Kinga Jentetics from PublishDrive

#390 – Co-writing with Family. Lessons Learned from Penny Appleton (with my Mum!)

#389 – Branding for Authors with Kristine Kathryn Rusch

#388 – How to Self-Publish and Market a Children's Book with Karen Inglis

#387 – From Author To Screenwriter: Tips for Taking Your Book To Hollywood with J.A.Huss and Johnathan McClain

#386 – Foolproof Dictation and Zero Social Media with Christopher Downing

#385 – How to Write Effective Injuries For Your Characters with Samantha Keel

#384 – The Artist's Journey with Steven Pressfield

#383 – Tips for Editing your Book with Natasa Lekic from NY Book Editors

#382 – Redesign your Life to Prioritize your Writing with David Kadavy

#381 – Writing with Depression with Michaelbrent Collings

#380 – Strategy and Business Plans for Authors with Johanna Rothman

#379 – Screenwriting Tips and Writing Diverse Characters with Selina Ukwuoma

#378 – Strangers to Superfans. Book Marketing with David Gaughran

#377 – How to Get Your Book into Schools and Double Your Income with Volume Sales with David Hendrickson

#376 – The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win with Jeff Haden

#375 – Turn Your Core Values into the Heart of Your Author Business with T. Thorn Coyle 

#374 – Writing TV and Film Adaptations with David Nicholls, Bestselling Author of One Day

#373 – How to Produce a Premium Journal with Joel Friedlander

#372 – Trust, Visibility, Mobile Storytelling and Blockchain for Books. London Book Fair 2018 with Joanna Penn

#371 – Creative Entrepreneurship and Being Boss with Emily Thompson

#370 – The Business of Being a Writer with Jane Friedman

#369 – How Play Can Help You Overcome Anxiety and Become More Creative with Charlie Hoehn

#368 – Creative Lessons from Screenwriting with J.F.Penn

#367 – Writing about Death, Dying and Grief with Dr Karen Wyatt

#366 – How to Write High-Volume Fiction in a Sustainable Way with Toby Neal

#365 – 5 Important Things that Authors Need to Know About Self-Publishing with Mark Dawson

#364 – How to Build a Youpreneur Business Around a Personal Brand with Chris Ducker

#363 – How to Fast Draft Your Memoir with Rachael Herron

#362 – How to Write Emotion and Depth of Character with Becca Puglisi

#361 – Balancing Craft and Commerce with Nathan Barry from ConvertKit

#360 – Successful Self-Publishing Tips with Steven Spatz from BookBaby

#359 – How to Write Diverse Characters with Alex Anders

#358 – Publishing, Online Business and Tech Trends for Authors in 2018 with Joanna Penn

#357 – How to be Creative in Writing and in Business with Orna Ross

#356 – Thoughts and Goals for a Creative 2018 with Joanna Penn

#355 – How to be a Healthy Writer with Joanna Penn and Dr Euan Lawson

#354 – How to Make Money Writing Short Fiction with Douglas Smith

#353 – How to Use the Polarities of Marketing to Craft the Best Plan for your Book

#352 – Selling More Books in Print with Ingram Spark and Aer.io with Andy Bromley and Ruth Jones

#351 – Estate Planning for Authors with M.L.Buchman

#350 – Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur. Interview with Joanna Penn

#349 – The Bestseller Experiment with Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux

#348 – Publishing in 2027. Blockchain and Global Mobile Internet with Emmanuel Nataf

#347 – Stability of the Indie Author Business Model and Positioning for the Next Phase of Growth

#346 – How to Build a Business Around a Book with Jim Kukral 

#345 – Writing the Darkness and Tips for Audio Drama with A.K.Benedict

#344 – How to Make Your Book a Perennial Seller with Ryan Holiday

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#342 – Secrets of a 7-Figure Non-Fiction Indie Author with Joseph Alexander

#341 – Travel Writing with Adventurer Anna McNuff

#340 – Top 5 Mistakes of Indie Authors with Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy

#339 – Writing Memoir with Roz Morris

#338 – From Traditional Publishing to Hybrid and Indie with Michael Ridpath

#337 – Mastering Amazon Ads with Brian D. Meeks

#336 – Stop Worrying, Start Writing. How to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt with Sarah Painter

#335 – How to be a Writer: Traditional Publishing to Indie and Hybrid with John Birmingham

#334 – Writing Christian Fiction and Success Over a Long Career with Jerry B. Jenkins

#333 – Mobile, Multimedia, and an Audience of Voracious Readers with Ashleigh Gardner from Wattpad

#332 – Your Magic Bakery of Intellectual Property Assets with Dean Wesley Smith

#331 – Balancing Ambition and Contentment. Lessons Learned from Thrillerfest 2017

#330 – Real Artists Don't Starve. Creativity and Money with Jeff Goins

#329 – How to Write Fast, Publish Slowly and Focus on your Author Marketing with Rachel Aaron

#328 – The Rollercoaster of Traditional and Indie Publishing with Sean Black

#327 – How to use Dictation to Write Faster and Stay Healthy with Scott Baker

#326 – How to Write a Mystery with Rebecca Cantrell

#325 – Changes in the Publishing Industry and Launching Non-Fiction Books with Dan Blank

#324 – How to Manage your Time and Automate your Author Marketing with Nick Stephenson

#323 – Inside the Writers' Room, Screenwriting and Pitching Tips from Adam Gaines

#322 – The Art and Business of Bookbinding with Lisa Van Pelt

#321 – Ebook bundling for authors with Chuck Heintzelman

#320 – How to Make a Million with your Books with Dean Crawford

#319 – Small press publishing and selling non-fiction books with Alison Jones

#318 – Audiobook production, distribution and sales with J. Daniel Sawyer

#317 – Co-writing dark fantasy in New Orleans with Lindsay Buroker, J. Thorn, and Zach Bohannon

#316 – The Future of Publishing: AI, Mixed Reality, Machine Learning and More with Thad McIlroy

#315 – The importance of time for selling more books and building an author career with Bryan Cohen

#314 – Podcasting Tips and Tricks with Jerod Morris

#313 – Advertising for Authors with Mark Dawson

#312 – Using Improv Techniques for Creativity and Tips on Facebook Ads with Andrea Vahl 

#311 – What Authors Can Learn from the Music Business with Dave Kusek

#310 – Copywriting for Authors with Joanna Wiebe from Copyhackers

#309 – Find and Serve your Niche for Long Term Success with Chris Brogan

#308 – How to protect your creative work with Kathryn Goldman

#307 – How to balance art and business with Tara Gentile

#306 – Use your own life story to bring depth to your writing with Steven Pressfield

#305 – The Mastery Journal and How to Self-Publish Premium Print Products with John Lee Dumas

#304 – How Authors Can Empower Themselves as Creative Entrepreneurs with Kristine Kathryn Rusch

#303 – Beautiful ebook formatting with Brad Andalman from Vellum

#302 – My 2017 goals, plus Visualization and Positive Thinking for Authors with Nina Amir

#301 – How Authors Can Use Content Marketing to Sell More Books with Pamela Wilson

#300 – Seven years and 300 episodes. Special anniversary edition with Joanna Penn and Mark Lefebvre

#299 – Merchandising for Authors with Melissa Addey

#298 – Productivity for Creative People with Mark McGuinness

#297 – From Author Entrepreneur to Creative Business Empire with Sean Platt

#296 – Creative Writing: DIY MFA with Gabriela Pereira

#295 – Taking Control of your Author Business in a Time of Constant Change. My report on the last month away.

#294 – Story Genius: How to use brain science to write a riveting novel with Lisa Cron

#293 – Non-fiction writing tips and how to live a good life with serial entrepreneur Jonathan Fields

#292 – How to use data science to write and sell more books with Chris Fox 

#291 – 23 million books sold. How to have a successful long term writing career with Kevin J Anderson

#290 – The Successful Author Mindset. Interview with Joanna Penn

#289 – From one novel to a universe of books. Writing a series that sells with David Wood

#288 – Writing Authentic Settings and Keeping a Series Fresh with Toby Neal

#287 – How to use PR to Authentically Market Your Book with Janet Murray

#286 – How to self-edit your book and avoid common story mistakes with Harry Dewulf

#285 – Writing fiction as a non-fiction writer and how to launch your book with Tim Grahl

#284 – How to sell 2 million self-published books with Rachel Abbott

#283 – How to write short stories that sell with Alan Baxter

#282 – How to write and market romance novels with JA Huss

#281 – How to write memorable characters with Jen Blood

#280 – Self care and productivity for authors with Ellen Bard

#279 – How to find your author voice with Roz Morris

#278 – How to give away free books and why you should with Damon Courtney from BookFunnel

#277 – How to become a freelance food writer with Kate Parham Kordsmeier

#276 – How authors can use 3D printing with Kevin Koekkoek

#275 – How to write 50,000 words in a month with Grant Faulkner

#274 – How to banish writer's block with K.M.Weiland

#273 – Writing Lesbian Fiction with Clare Lydon

#272 – Book marketing: Facebook Advertising for Authors with Mark Dawson

#271 – The Visual Writer: Using images to bring your writing alive with Nancy Hendrickson

#270 – Writing Tips: Outlining for genre and literary fiction with Libbie Hawker

#269 – Creativity, Art and Business with visual artist, Lisa Congdon

#268 – Write the Heart of Your Story. Tips for Writing Emotion with C.J. Lyons

#267 – How to Use Audio as an Author for Book Sales and Marketing

#266 – How to self-publish in India with Rasana Atreya

#265 – How to Build an Author Business with Helen Sedwick

#264 – Video marketing and YouTube tips with Michael La Ronn

#263 – How to write faster and never get writer's block with Michaelbrent Collings 

#262 – Global self-publishing and how to sell more books on Kobo with Mark Lefebvre

#261 – Useful technology for authors with Ron Vitale

#260 – The Introvert Entrepreneur with Beth Buelow

#259 – How Authors Sell Publishing Rights with Orna Ross

#258 – How to Self-Publish an Adult Coloring Book with Meg Cowley

#257 – African Authors and Diversity in Publishing with Tolulope Popoola

#256 – Successful book marketing using Facebook Ads with Adam Croft

#255 – Writing award-winning thrillers, co-writing and going hybrid with Rebecca Cantrell

#254 – Scrivener tips and turning failure into entrepreneurial success with Joseph Michael

#253 – Writing as a business and the magic of dictation with Elle Casey

#252 – Publishing trends in 2016 with Jane Friedman

#251 – How to turn your book into an online course with Ankur Nagpal from Teachable

#250 – Self-publishing 2015 roundup. 2016 predictions and my own creative writing process

#249 – Deciding what to give up. Pursuing a life of writing with Kevin Tumlinson

#248 – 30 Books and Counting. Lindsay Buroker on being a full-time author

#247 – Writing fast and tips for successful self-publishing with Russell Blake

#246 – Global global. Self publishing tips from Dan Wood from Draft2Digital 

#245 – Successful blogging, authenticity and longevity with Yaro Starak 

#244 – What happens when an author dies? Estate planning with Kathryn Goldman

#243 – Motivation for Creative People with Mark McGuinness 

#242 – How to Co-Write a Book. Collaboration and co-creation with J. Thorn

#241 – How to dictate your book with Monica Leonelle

#240 – Pros and cons of traditional vs indie publishing plus virtual reality with Dean Crawford

#239 – The End of Jobs and the Rise of Entrepreneurship with Taylor Pearson

#238 – Creativity, productivity, fear and writing. An interview with Joanna Penn for The Worried Writer

#237 – Successful freelance writing and confidence for writers with Carol Tice

#236 – Writing discipline and mindset for authors with James Scott Bell

#235 – Don't go exclusive. Build a long term career as an author on multiple platforms with Liliana Hart

#234 – How to write your book sales description with Bryan Cohen

#233 – State of the Indie Nation with Mark Coker

#232 – Book marketing tips for fiction and non-fiction with Ricci Wolman

#231 – Abundance for authors and taking action with Honoree Corder

#230 – Q&A Show on self-publishing and book marketing with me, Joanna Penn 🙂

#229 – Discipline and practice in writing and swordfighting with Guy Windsor

#228 – Productivity and working smarter, confidence for writers and breaking the rules with Chandler Bolt

#227 – Genre, story tips and getting a film deal with Charles Harris

#226 – Digital, mobile, global, indie? The future of publishing with Thad McIlroy

#225 – Social media tips for writers with Frances Caballo

#224 – Audiobook production and marketing tips with Jeffrey Kafer

#223 – On writing and mindset for indie authors with Susan Kaye Quinn

#222 – Q&A on writing, self-publishing and book marketing with me, Joanna Penn

#221 – Gaming, writing and collaboration with Nathan Meunier

#220 – Writing fast, building an audience and Facebook advertising for authors with Mark Dawson

#219 – Virtual reality for writers, publishing and gaming with Rob Morgan

#218 – Writing horror and making a fulltime living from your writing with Michaelbrent Collings

#217 – All your editing questions answered with Jen Blood

#216 – Tips on screenwriting, film rights and adapting your novel with Lucy V. Hay

#215 – Writing fiction: Tips on plot with Roz Morris

#214 – Book titles that sell, productivity for authors and marketing for introverts with Tim Grahl

#213 – How to use audio and podcasting effectively to promote your book with Viv Oyolu

#212 – Optimizing Kindle categories, email list building and Facebook advertising with Nick Stephenson

#211 – Marketing vs sales with Jim Kukral

#210 – Getting your self-published book into bookstores and libraries with Debbie Young

#209 – Overwhelmed as an author? How to work with virtual assistants with Chris Ducker

#208 – The Story Grid. How to tell a story and edit your fiction with Shawn Coyne 

#207 – Game changing technology for self-publishing children's picture books with Laura Backes

#206 – How to make a living as an author. A discussion between Joanna Penn and Mark McGuinness

#205 – Author earnings, audiobooks, global focus and more. 2014 roundup with Hugh McGuire

#204 – Audiobooks for indies with Simon Whistler

#203 – Writing the million dollar outline and resonance in writing with David Farland

#202 – Book cover design and entrepreneurship with Derek Murphy

#201 – The Christian publishing market with Jeremy Bouma

#200 – Reinvention and lessons from the journey. Special episode 200 plus an interview with Alexis Grant

#199 – From the first book to running a multi-genre story studio with Sean Platt

#198 – Six figure success self-publishing non-fiction books with Steve Scott

#197 – Copyright, publishing contract clauses, image use and avoiding getting sued with Helen Sedwick

#196: Writing religious thrillers and storytelling lessons from commercial TV with Simon Toyne

#195: Creating Money, Creating Meaning with Orna Ross

#194: Productivity tips and running your author business with Jen Talty

#193: Self-publishing and the Bookstrapper's Guide to book marketing, with Tucker Max

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#191: Author entrepreneur. Go direct and sell to your customers with Jim Kukral 

#190: Writing fiction: Improve your dialogue with James Scott Bell

#189: Make Art. Make Money. Lessons from Jim Henson with Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

#188: Writing thrillers and lessons learned from forty years of writing with David Morrell

#187: The mindset of successful indie authors and longevity as a writer with Bob Mayer

#186: The Lion's Gate, Resistance and Mental Toughness for Writers with Steven Pressfield

#185: How audiobook narration and production works with Audible approved narrator and voice talent, Rosalind Ashford

#184 – Ryan Holiday on the author mindset, researching and writing non-fiction and The Obstacle is the Way.

#183 – Money, writing and life with Jane Friedman

#182 – From one book to running a business as an author with Johnny B. Truant

#181 – Business strategy and creative giants with Charlie Gilkey

#180 – Why authors should consider graphic novel adaptations with Nathan Massengill

#179 – Adapting Shakespeare to thriller pacing and academic publishing with AJ Hartley

#178 – Selling books at Kobo and publishing news with Mark Lefebvre

#177 – Die Empty. Managing your creative rhythm with Todd Henry

#176 – Tips for a long term writing career and writing historical fiction with Colin Falconer

#175 – Book marketing: How to use Wattpad as an author with Ashleigh Gardner

#174 – Self-publishing and marketing books for children with Karen Inglis

#173 – The entrepreneurial realities of being a pro writer with Mel Sherratt

#172 – Entrepreneurial publishing, book marketing and prolific living with Farnoosh Brock

#171 – Global market focus: Publishing and book marketing in India with Minal Hajratwala

#170 – Writing serial fiction and collaborative writing with David Wright

#169 – The Successful Writer's Work Ethic with Kerry Wilkinson

#168 – How to self-publish in Germany with Matthias Matting

#167 – How to get in the zone and stay in it with Tom Evans

#166 – Combating platform fatigue and thinking long term for your writing career with Dan Blank

#165 – Goodreads for Authors with Patrick Brown

#164 – Writing memoir with Marion Roach Smith

#163 – On writing, self-publishing and the business of being a pro writer with James Scott Bell 

#162 – Writing thrillers, being prolific and video marketing with Jeremy Robinson

#161 – Audiobook narration and production with Veronica Giguere

#160 – Creativity, experimental literature and performance poetry with Dan Holloway

#159 – A Guide to Rights, and how you can exploit them as an indie, with Orna Ross

#158 – Content marketing, Google Plus and Book Marketing Tips With Penny Sansevieri

#157 – The business of writing, publishing and book marketing with Stephanie Chandler

#156 – Writing fiction: Bring your characters to life with Roz Morris 

#155 – Writing travel memoir, tackling risk and adventuring with Alastair Humphreys

#154 – Short Story: Sins of Temptation. Written by J.F.Penn and read by the author. Based on Dante's Inferno for Kobo Descent competition.

#153 – Microdomination: Branding, content marketing and social media with Trevor Young

#152 – Book design elements and interior formatting with Jane Dixon Smith

#151 – Getting a book deal from a blog and launching a best-selling non-fiction book with Marianne Cantwell

#150 – How to record, produce and distribute audiobooks with J. Daniel Sawyer

#149 – On Violence and Writing Fight Scenes with Jarrah Loh

#148 – Book Marketing: How to Write Press Releases with Steven Lewis

#147 – Writing, Illustrating and Marketing Children's Books with Katie Davis

#146 – State of self-publishing and 5 things to get sorted for 2013

#145 – Productivity for Writers and Taking Writing Seriously. A discussion with Iain Broome

#144 – Copywriting and making money as a writer with Mindy McHorse

#143 – Ebook publishing on Kobo with Mark Lefebvre, Kobo's Director of Self-Publishing

#142 – Writing metaphor, memorable scenes and horror with Chuck Wendig

#141 – Publishing ebooks for Dummies with Ali Luke

#140 – Publishing choices, and using PR and traditional media with Polly Courtney

#139 – Writing, creativity and the empowerment of the author with Orna Ross

#138 – Writing thrillers and adventures in publishing with Boyd Morrison

#137 – Build a full-time writing career slowly with Lindsay Buroker

#136 – The Millionaire Author Mindset with Stephanie Hale

#135 – Wired for Story: Using Brain Science to Hook Readers with Lisa Cron [Transcript]

#134 – Becoming a Pro Writer and selling thousands of books a month with NY Times bestselling author CJ Lyons

#133 – Writing about death and crime scenes with ex-homicide detective and coroner Garry Rodgers

#132 – Writing religion and spirituality with Jill Carroll

#131 – Winning the hearts and minds of readers through editing with Matt Gartland from WinningEdits.com

#130 – Becoming a creative genius with Phil South

#129 – Author websites, branding and copywriting with James Chartrand from Men With Pens

#128 – Marketing fiction vs non-fiction with Johnny B. Truant

#127 – Marketing your way to a #1 Amazon bestseller with Rachel Abbott

#126 – Secrets of Amazon metadata with #1 Amazon bestseller Mark Edwards

#125 – You are a writer. Act like one. With Jeff Goins.

#124 – Writing Mystery and the Entrepreneurial Indie Spirit with Adam Croft

#123 – Writing tips: Guns, Bullets and Shooting with J.Daniel Sawyer

#122 – Success in Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing Takes Time with Jane Friedman

#121 – From indie author to hybrid with Amazon's Thomas Mercer Imprint with Scott Nicholson

#120 – Character development, setting and writing thrillers with Layton Green

#119 – Award winning literary fiction and Transmedia with Kate Pullinger

#118 – Make your own luck with social media with Alexis Grant

#117 – The empowerment of indie publishing with David Gaughran

#116 – Writing epic fantasy and becoming a pro author with Michael J Sullivan

#115 – Getting attention and no publisher needed with Jim Kukral

#114 – Lessons learned from publishing innovation The Domino Project with Ishita Gupta

#113 – Self-publishing and ebook predictions for 2012 + Kindle Select with Steven Lewis

#112 – The importance of indie books with Indie Reader Amy Edelman

#111 – The Joy of English with Jesse Karjalainen (grammar and English language usage)

#110 – Serial fiction with author entrepreneur Sean Platt

#109 – The Art & Craft of Story with Victoria Mixon

#108 – Six figure self-publishing with Robin Sullivan

#107 – Social media marketing enthusiasm with Dan Blank

#106 – Writing literary fiction with Roz Morris

#105 – Book Cover Design Tips with book cover designer Anthony Puttee

#104 – How to get book reviews with Dana Lynn Smith

#103 – How to write fight scenes with Alan Baxter

#102 – Publishing Guide to Twitter with Jon Reed from Publishing Talk

#101 – Writing thrillers and action-adventure with David Wood

#100 – What I have learned in the last 2 years – 100th podcast celebration – by Joanna Penn

#99: Writing Historical Romance and the Christian market with Jody Hedlund

#98: The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments with Tom Evans, The Bookwright

#97: Book Marketing Q&A with Joanna Penn

#96: Getting a book deal from your online platform with Jim Hopkinson, Wired's marketing guy

#95: Kindle sales and pricing with Stephen Windwalker

#94: Researching your novel and experiences in publishing with Warren Fahy, author of Fragment

#93: Book Marketing for Introverts with Ruth Ann Nordin

#92: Social media marketing strategy with Marian Schembari

#91: On leaving traditional publishing for ebook sales success with LJ Sellers

#90: Crime Fiction: The Truth about Police Investigation with Joe Giacalone

#89: Writing Chick Lit with Benison Anne O'Reilly

#88: Lessons for writers from the theatre with David Farmer

#87: Book Launches and Marketing for Pentecost and Save My Soul with Joanna Penn and Zoe Winters

#86: What writers get wrong about psychology with Carolyn Kaufman

#85: Copywriting and patience with traditional publishing with Iain Broome

#84: Nailing your novel with Roz Morris

#83: Branding yourself and productivity tips with Mars Dorian

#82: Creative Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing with Mark McGuinness

#81: Writing mysteries with Elizabeth Spann Craig/ Riley Adams

#80: On changing your life, writing and marketing a book with Joanna Penn

#79: How ‘Machine of Death' became an Indie Amazon Bestseller with David Malki !

#78: How to improve your blog with Annabel Candy from Get In The Hot Spot

#77: Achieving goals with Ian Usher, who sold his life on eBay

#76: Kindle bestsellers, Blog Book Tours and and ebook success with Scott Nicholson

#75: Writing, Blogging and Authenticity with Justine Musk, TribalWriter.com

#74: Ebook design and Romance writing with Moriah Jovan

#73: Editing a novel with Steve Parolini, the Novel Doctor

#72: Writing Fantasy and Being a Pro-Novelist with Philippa Ballantine

#71: Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing with Dean Wesley Smith

#70: Multi-media publishing and book promotion with Greg McQueen from Big Bad Media

#69: Ebook publishing inspiration with Mark Coker from Smashwords

#68: Being an indie author and self-publishing with Zoe Winters

#67: Writing your life story with Jo Parfitt

#66: Writing and Neuroscience with Livia Blackburne

#65: Writing Memoir and Using Scribd for Book Promotion with Hyla Molander

#64: How to use Book Trailers Effectively with Darcy Pattison

#63: Copywriting that sells your books with Paul Lonergan

#62: Ebook publishing with Michelle Halket, ireadiwrite Publishing

#61: Spoken Word Poetry with Ami Mattison

#60: Authenticity, Creative Expression and Beating Fear of Judgement with Robert Rabbin

#59: How to Write a Book Proposal with Gary Smailes from BubbleCow

#58: Inspiration for Authors on Resilience, Accepting Criticism and Being an Introvert with Clare Edwards

#57: Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Tips from Dan Poynter

#56: Writing Books for Children with Fiona Ingram

#55: How to build buzz for your book with Aggie Villanueva

#54: How to be a NY Times Bestselling Author with Scott Sigler(with transcript)

#53: On Frugal Book Promotion with Carolyn Howard-Johnson

#52: Using Writing Software To Organise Your Novel and Being an Author-Entrepreneur with Harriet Smart (Includes Transcript)

#51: First time novel publishing experience with Graham Storrs

#50: Advanced Blogging Tips for Authors with Blogging Teacher, Paul Cunningham (Includes Transcript)

#49: Using video for book promotion with Gideon Shalwick, internet video expert (Includes Transcript)

#48: Crime writer Seth Harwood on new publishing paradigms and author marketing

#47: How to find your authentic writer's voice with Julia McCutchen

#46: Writing romance and first time novel experiences with Dean Mayes

#45: Crime writing and tips on getting an agent with Sam Blake

#44: Book Design with Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer (with transcript)

#43: Creating iPhone apps for your books with Tom Evans, The Bookwright

#42: Writing Supernatural Themes and Fight Scenes with Dark Fantasy Author Alan Baxter

#41: EBook Q&A with Joshua Tallent from EBookArchitects.com (Includes Transcript)

#40: Beat Procrastination with Peak Performance Coach, Rajeev Dewan

#39: Book Marketing: Your Questions Answered by Joanna Penn (with transcript)

#38: Self-Publishing, your questions answered in interview with April Hamilton, Indie Author (Includes Transcript)

#37: How to Write Your First Book with Joanna Penn (interviewed by Lenore Miller)

#36: Writing Family Humour and Fulfilling Your Dreams with Jane Grieve

#35: How to become a Wealthy Author of Non Fiction Books by Debbie Jenkins

#34: Blogging Basics for Writers with Joel Williams, The Blog Tech Guy

#33: Tips for sci-fi/ fantasy authors with Philippa Ballantine, J. Daniel Sawyer & Chris Lester

#32: J.C. Hutchins on Writing Thriller Novels and Publishing Success for 7th Son

#31: Mur Lafferty on Writing Novels and Top Tips for NaNoWriMo

#30: Alexis Grant on Writer's Retreats and Travel Writing

#29: Matthew Cavnar from Vook.com on How the Vook is Changing Publishing

#28: SelfPublishingReview.com Henry Baum on the Opportunities in Self Publishing

#27: Neal Hoskins on Publishing Books as iPhone apps

#26: Dana Lynn Smith on Book Marketing Plans

#25: Julia McCutchen on Brilliant Book Proposals and the Traditional Publishing Process

#24: Tony Eldridge on Adventure Novels and Book Marketing

#23: Medialoper Kirk Biglione on Ebooks and Digital Media

#22: Alastair Humphreys on Travel Writing and Achieving Outrageous Goals

#21 Lauren Roche on Writing as Therapy and her Inspirational Memoir

#20: Grant McDuling on The Business of Selling Words (and make a 6 figure income)

#19: Jeffrey Kafer on being an Audiobook Voice Talent and tips for authors DIY

#18: Trevor Young, PR Warrior on marketing and promotion ideas for authors

#17: Joanna Penn on Writing and Publishing interviewed by Frankie Mueller

#16 Tom Evans, the Bookwright, on overcoming writer's block [Transcript]

#15 Pip Ballantine on her 12 year overnight success podcasting to traditional publishing deal

#14  Tee Morris on performance, podcasting and social media for authors

#13 Joanna Penn (yes, me!) on How Publishing Has Changed and Why Authors Must Too

#12  Iggy Pintado on the power of connection for authors

#11: Heather Wallace on Print-on-Demand – what is it and how can you use it

#10: Author 2.0 teaser featuring tips from great interviews with some big names in the web 2.0 author world!

#9 – Podcast: Joan Kremer on Writing and Authors in Second Life

#8 – Podcast: Steve Tiano on Book Design and Layout including tips for self-publishers

#7 – Podcast: Author Seth Harwood on podcasting to print publishing and building your author platform

#6: Podcast: Dale Beaumont on being an Author Entrepreneur

#5: Podcast: Karen Schmidt on being a professional speaker and author

#4: Podcast: J.C Hutchins explains the cross-media phenomenon “Personal Effects: Dark Art”

#3: Podcast: Roger C. Parker: Tips for a successful author platform

#2: Podcast: Ron Nash on writing, publishing and web 2.0 book promotion

#1: Podcast: Rachael Bermingham explains her tips on promotion after selling over 1 million books




































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  • Hi Joanna,

    I think I have found a gold mine! I just came across all these podcasts. What a wealth of great info for writers. I'm looking forward to listening to them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joanne, for folk like myself who live in countries remote from the USA and all your writers conferences, this site is an amazing resource. Thank you for all you put into it.

    Shirl (S.Africa)

    • I'm so glad to be useful Shirley. I really enjoying sharing the journey and blogging & podcasting are pretty addictive once you start as it's so rewarding to be part of a community.
      Did you know I am also in Australia and soon to move back to England so it's not as if I'm in the US either!
      Thanks, Joanna

  • I've been listening and listening and listening. Taking many many many notes. Now, I've downloaded about 20 or 30 or so of these great Podcast Interviews to put on my mp3 player. I'm still craving this information. Like, iWrite (the first commenter here), I feel like I stumbled into a gold mind of information.

  • Joanna, this website is SUCH a godsend. I'm in love with writing and publishing as an industry, and your blog is such a lovely and amazing resource. I've just started a female-identified press to increase the presence of women in science fiction and fantasy, and as SOON as I get my press website up and running, I will definitely publicize thecreativepenn.com until the cows come home. Lol, I'm already blowing up my Facebook page with your fantastic audios and blog posts. You're absolutely amazing, and thank you for all the inspiration! :-)

    • Thanks so much Vanisha - I'm glad you're enjoying the podcasts and I appreciate any spreading the word. There's so much we can all share from each other!

  • Hi Joanna,learned a few good lessons from your interview with Mark Coker on Youtube,love the fact that you engage every medium to pass on ideas that work,I'm a newbie, I'll feed from these podcasts.

    • I'm glad you're enjoying them Tony - there's lots for you to catch up on and more coming! There's so much to learn about this new world :)

  • I know you mentioned it in one of your audios, but I can't for the life of me remember which one. Have you a list or a site that gives out reviews?

    • I did have another site for reviews but I have stopped doing that because of time pressures. I suggest you try to use your own audience for reviews and then look at book bloggers. Thanks,

  • A fan of your audio interviews, I ran across your podcast with Larry Brooks on his website http://www.storyfix.com. I don't see it listed in the podcasts, unless it's elsewhere on your website. Tremendous job, Joanna. You're not just a novelist surviving and thriving in this historic era of the Ebook publishing revolution, you're going after valuable movers and shakers as a reporter, uncovering extremely helpful info for the rest of us trying to make sense of it all. When I see your name out there in cyberspace, I know the interview will be worth listening to while I multitask at the keyboard. Thanks for your entrepreneurial spirit as a publisher and novelist! Your international perspective makes it even more valuable for writers worldwide.

  • Loved your latest podcast! Very informative. Now that I've gone through your entire archive of podcasts, I have the new experience of having to *wait* for a new one! And I don't like it! Lol ;-) I know these are time consuming things to produce, so I'm glad you still do them. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Thanks so much Monica - I'm amazed you've been through the backlist and I'm so glad it has been useful for you. The next episode is coming soon :)

  • Hi Joanna,

    I love your podcast and am hoping to explore the the possibilities too ;) wish me luck. Lol :)

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