Podcast: Writing Romance And First Time Novel Experiences With Dean Mayes

On writing romance and the experience of being a first time novelist with Dean Mayes.

Dean Mayes is the author of romance novel, ‘The Hambledown Dream‘ and a pediatric nurse based in Adelaide, Australia.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How Dean’s 7 year journey has played out from first ideas to published author, and how the idea for the novel just didn’t go away
  • About his book, ‘The Hambledown Dream’, a paranormal romance, and how it just so happened that paranormal romance became popular while he was writing it
  • How Dean started writing the book on a blog for free, and was ‘found’ by publisher, IReadIWrite Publishing through his site
  • How a typical Aussie bloke came to be writing romance (see The Paperback Hero for inspiration!)
  • Some keys for writing romance: solid and believable relationships based on solid and believable characters
  • Writing sex scenes that are appropriate but also are a key part of romance genre. Drawing the line between romance and erotica. Deciding on what to include is a fine line and you need to be true to your character and what you want people to judge you as.
  • How Dean launched the book and how he is promoting it. A comparison between online and offline promotion, what has worked for Dean and what has been difficult/time-consuming and also the best for sales. How he used his existing online presence to start selling the book (even though it was not in his exact target market). How to use your time wisely for online marketing.
  • How the writing and blog community is fabulous and supportive – we all need to support each other! A great example of marketing is the Reader’s Gallery where you get people to send in pictures of them with the book.

You can find Dean at his blog Dean from Australia, as well as on Twitter @DeanFA and on Facebook here. You can buy ‘The Hambledown Dream’ at Amazon.com or at iReadiWrite Publishing.

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  1. says

    Great interview…very informative…I raced right over to I read I write…I liked what I saw and added their blog to my blogroll. It joined The Creative Penn (which was already on the list) — of course.
    All the best for the continued success of your book, Dean.

  2. says

    Helloooooo Dean,

    I think it is very cool that you are sharing your journey with us all. What a great thing to do. I’m going to listen to the podcast now. I have no doubt there is a lot to learn.

    Congratulations on your first Romance Novel. I hope there are many more to come. I have to read this now.

    C. Callinsky

  3. says

    Thank you C. for visiting this post and commenting. Joanna was a lovely host and as I have said aboved I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. There is a wealth of information on my novel at my official website, including a musical journey that explores the musical influences behind the novel. You can also download a free audiobook sampler of the novel at my site. We’re actually relaunching a 2nd edition of the book in the coming days with brand new cover art and a new trailer.

    Thanks again for your comments.


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