Podcast: Lauren Roche on Writing As Therapy and her Inspirational Memoir

Lauren Roche is the bestselling author of 2 books, and also a physician and motivational speaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her autobiography, “Bent, not Broken”, tells her story of overcoming tremendous difficulties in her journey from prostitute to physician. This podcast will inspire you to greater achievements because Lauren’s example is so tremedous!

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How Lauren’s life began with junkies and alcoholics, her Mum committed suicide,  she stowed away on a ship to the US, was raped and deported, and became a fire-eating stripper and then a prostitute. She attempted suicide at 20 and realised that she needed to change her life. She went back to school and trained to become a doctor.
  • How laying bare her own life has affected Lauren and her family – and her advice to other people considering writing personal memoir
  • Whether people judge Lauren for her past now she is a medical doctor
  • How writing was a form of therapy for Lauren, and how it can be used to help solve problems
  • How Lauren learnt writing as she went along and belonged to a writers group online
  • How study is an important part of Lauren’s life in order to develop her mind – after completing med school, she is now pursuing theological study
  • When you should publish your writing therapy – and when you should keep it to yourself. The therapy is in the writing, not the publishing.
  • How Penguin rejected Lauren’s manuscript which went on to be a bestseller in New Zealand, and then sold in the UK and now in the US in audio form
  • How Lauren’s UK tour was interrupted twice by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how to cope with the unexpected
  • Speaking as an author can be an interesting experience in women’s prisons
  • Lauren’s publishing experience internationally – she has been translated into a number of languages and is now available in the US as an audiobook
  • How it took Lauren 3 weeks to record her book at 2.30am every morning before work – that’s commitment!
  • The experience of reading your book aloud has good and bad sides
  • What Lauren is doing to continue marketing her book and using her story to help other people
  • Take your future into your own hands and achieve your great goals!
  • What being an author means to Lauren – and how it fits into her self definition (along with being an Iron Man!)
  • If you can dream it, you can be it – the importance of positive affirmation!

You can find Lauren at her main website where you can find her books in print and also the audiobook.
You can use the special discount code ‘creativepenn’ to get $2 off here.

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  1. Patrenia says

    Hello Joanna,

    Great interview. I really enjoyed listening to her story!!! I have downloaded the interview and will put it into my inspirational library of audio interviews. Thanks.


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