Podcast: Bookwright Tom Evans on Dealing with Writer’s Block

Many writers have to deal with blockages of different kinds, but can those blocks actually teach us something? And once we have learnt the lessons, how can we free ourselves from blocks in order to create again?

Tom Evans is a British author, bookwright and poet who mentors other authors how to unleash the books inside themselves. He specialises in removing writer’s block and helping authors connect with their creative muse.

There may be concepts in this podcast you don’t agree with, but be open to new ideas – you never know what you will learn!

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why writers block is like an onion and what the different levels are
  • How fear of failure is a common block for authors, and why fear of success can also block you
  • Why there is a great life learning in every block
  • Why blocks can be real but can also be used as creative avoidance
  • How to tell the difference between a real block and procrastination
  • The use of visualisation, meditation and walking for creativity
  • How blocks can actually help you
  • Sharing my own personal block!
  • Site mentioned by Tom Authonomy – Harper Collins
  • Why you need a big idea behind a fiction novel as well as a personal reason to write it
  • How you can unleash the book inside
  • Ways you can experience lightbulb moments on demand from the collective consciousness
  • How Author 2.0 was my lightbulb moment
  • What mind mapping is and how it can help you with your book. Tom uses iMindMap and MindManager
  • How you can be a creative AND take advantage of new technologies – they are not mutually exclusive! Both are exploration.
  • An example of using multiple mediums to get your book into the public
  • How writing books is so much fun and can lead to places you can’t even imagine yet

You can find Tom at these sites:

His main site and blog including Unleash the Book Inside

The book “Blocks” available now

100 Years of Ermintrude

Tom on Twitter

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