Podcast: Writing Family Humour and Fulfilling Your Dreams With Jane Grieve

It was always my dream of being an author, and from the age of 10 – 32, I did nothing about it. I just talked about it but never quite made it happen. I know many people are in that situation now. You have dreams of writing a book, but there are just too many hurdles. Jane’s story on this podcast will inspire you because she achieved her dream of writing and publishing a book, after finally deciding to do it at a friend’s funeral. She also shares information on writing humour and achieving your goals.

Jane Grieve is an Australian humour writer and ex-columnist for The Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper. Her recent book is “Slippin’ on the Lino”, a collection of short family humour stories.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How Jane’s history has affected her writing process and style. Being brought up on a farm as well as working in the outback as a cook and stockman has shaped her writing.
  • The outback way of life is built on humour, as well as the Australian character. These aspects run through Jane’s work. She worked with R.M. Williams, an Australian legend on establishing the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame.
  • Jane wrote a column for the Courier Mail which focussed on humorous aspects of her family life. This became her book, 44 short stories based on these columns.
  • On being honest about your family when you write. How this affects your relationships.
  • Why Jane finally decided to write her book. On reaching an age where the kids have moved out, and preparing for the next part of life. Sitting at a funeral of a friend, a group of 9 female friends decided to pursue their goals and have an exhibition 1 year later. Jane wrote and published her book in that 1 year, and all the other women also achieved their goals.
  • How the support of friends can help you achieve your goals. Know that you can write a book. It is an achievable goal, but it is hard work (but everything worth doing is!) Help other people achieve their goals and you will be helped in return. Calling friends and contacts and involving people in the process helped. People were so supportive.
  • Self-publishing involves other professionals. You need an editor, support and advice from professionals. For a printing run, you need a printer plus a distributor to get in bookstores. Get going and you will find people are great and ready to help.
  • Tips for writing humour. It is at the root of survival in the Australian outback. It helps with daily life but this is a cultural thing and quite hard to replicate! Relax and let it come into your head. Be kind. Not everyone can do it. It is part of some people’s personality.
  • How Jane got her book into bedroom stores which drove different sales to bookstores. Marketing your book as a gift – no bedroom is complete without a book! Something to read when waking in the night that puts a smile on your face.

You can find Jane and buy her book online at her website here. You can also read some sample chapters at the site as well.

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