Podcast: Philippa Ballantine On Her 12 Year-Overnight Publishing Success

I have just finished the wonderful “Chasing the Bard” podcast novel by Pip Ballantine, so was thrilled to interview her for today’s podcast. [This was a two-part interview with Pip and Tee Morris, podcasted last week.]

Pip is an award-winning New Zealand author and podcaster. Her books include “Chasing the Bard“, “Digital Magic” and “Weather Child“.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How Pip started in writing and then how she got a 2 book deal with Ace publishing in New York after 12 years of writing
  • Why writers need to have a “tough skin” and separate the writer from the clerk if they want to get published
  • Why it’s not just about being published – writing and creation are important
  • How Pip won the Sir Julius Vogel Award, the New Zealand Hugo for “Chasing the Bard” podcast
  • How being in New Zealand affects a writing career
  • Having an accent can help your podcasting voice talent career
  • How the Double Trouble promo got Pip and Tee into the Amazon bestseller lists
  • Tips for authors who want to podcast
  • How long podcast episodes can take to create, and why you would want to spend the effort to do it
  • Why the podcasting crowd is so much fun! and why working together is such a great idea
  • Chasing the Bard is now an iPhone app – another way to reach your audience
  • Writing the all-important sex scene! (Erotica a la Carte )

You can find Pip and her books at her main website, or on Twitter.

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