Podcast: J.C Hutchins explains the cross-media phenomenon “Personal Effects: Dark Art”

J.C. Hutchins is the author of trans-media novel “Personal Effects: Dark Art” which will be released in June 2009, as well as the author of the hugely successful podcast novels, the “7th Son” trilogy.
Dark ArtIn this fantastic interview, J.C. talks about the author behind the story and how he went from podcast star to new publishing maven. This is an informative as well as entertaining podcast relevant for authors and existing fans of J.C. Hutchins.

In this podcast you will discover:

·         Why “Personal Effects: Dark Art” is a new form of novel, crossing the genre between text, tangible clues, internet sites, community, and alternate reality

·         How the book is a collaboration between Jordan Weisman and J.C to create an interactive experience, not just a book.

·         How to become a participant in the book by committing yourself to the Brink, and how J.C. uses community to further his stories. Become a part of the Personal Effects universe.

·         Is the future of text merging with an online experience? The story unbound. How the line is blurring between audience and author. How the story will leap beyond the words on the page to be delivered in other media.

·         How J.C. couldn’t get an agent for his novel, 7th Son, so he decided to release them in podcast form. After phenomenal success as a podcast author, and support from thousands of fans, he gained a publishing deal and possible movie option for his work.

·         How the Ministry of Propaganda uses the power of fans to spread the word about J.C.’s work.

·         Why J.C. is a relentless, crazy promoter and how he uses low budget, original ways to market his works. Don’t ignore those crazy ideas! How he made some brilliant book trailer videos with flipcams, video endorsements from famous people and quality stock video.

·         Which 3 sites J.C. recommends for authors to use for social networking

·         What is J.C.’s advice for authors who are just starting out?

You can pre-order the book here =>  Personal Effects: Dark Art

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  1. […] I finally received my copy of JC Hutchin’s “Personal Effects: Dark Art” this week – very exciting!  It is a cross-media, supernatural thriller novel from an inspirational author! In this video, I explain about the book and why it is so cool, as well as what you might be able to do with cross-media and how J.C. podcasted his way to success. I did a podcast with JC Hutchins which you can listen to here. […]

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