Podcast: Author Seth Harwood on podcasting to print publishing and building your author platform

Fantastic interview with author Seth Harwood on his writing and podcasting journey to print publishing success.

Seth Harwood

Seth Harwood

Seth is the author of several novels including “Jack Wakes Up”, published by Harper Collins on May 5th 2009. He is also a podcaster, writing teacher and co-creator of the Author Bootcamp program.

In this podcast, you will discover:

·         How Seth’s writing career has unfolded from grad school, to chasing agents and then to going it alone and becoming a podcaster, and finally getting a publishing deal

·         All about “Jack Wakes Up” which is published by Harper Collins on May 5th

·         How Seth has podcasted a number of novels and how podcasting got him a traditional publishing deal

·         Why authors need to build a platform in order to promote and sell their books

·         Why podcasting is so effective for building that author platform and getting your work out there for people to listen to and interact with

·         Why you should podcast your actual writing/book, not just blog about the writing process

·         Some top tips for podcasting tools: Blue Snowball mic, Zoom H2 mic, Garage Band, Audacity, and Levelator.

·         How social networking is important for building closer relationships with fans. Being accessible is key. Recommends Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

·         Authors need to get there work out there in as many ways as possible to find a medium that works for them – podcasting is one great way to do this.

·         Is the publishing industry becoming more receptive to online platform building? Seth gives us his opinion. Are they really 2 years behind?

·         Don’t just analyse the problems or comment from the sidelines. Get in there and do it yourself. Write, podcast, blog – get your work out there!

·         What Author Bootcamp is all about and how you can be part of it

Jack Wakes UpYou can pre-order “Jack Wakes Up” here.
You can also watch a video with Seth on his podcasting process here.

If you like the idea of podcasting your book, then check out the podcast interview with JC Hutchins, who also went from podcaster to print published author.


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  1. […] That being said, there are other options.  There is self-publishing.  If this option makes you cringe, don’t do it.  No one should self-publish unless they can fully embrace everything that comes with it.  There shouldn’t be the expectation that this is it.  People will flock to your book and you’ll become famous and a Hollywood producer will give you the movie contract.  Then you’re rich!  Yes, it has happened…but rarely.  It rarely even happens for the traditionally published authors out there.  Now, what is possible is that if you self-publish and build up your audience, you might get the attention of an agent who’ll offer to represent your book to traditionally publish.  Here’s an example:  http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2009/04/28/podcast-seth-harwood-podcasting-platform/. […]

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