How To Promote Your Novel: 21 Ways To Sell More Books Online

2015 – Sorry – these courses have been discontinued after several years of happy customers! You can find much of the information in my books for authors here.

It’s one thing to have your book out there in the world, but it’s another thing altogether to sell it.

Four years ago I launched my first book (a non-fiction title), only to find that nobody knew who I was or even cared. No one bought my book and it was devastating. All that effort for nothing.

I knew something had to change, so I started to learn about online marketing. I’ve spent the last few years immersing myself in marketing books and programs. Not only have I put that knowledge into action in selling my own books, I’ve also shared my journey with other authors

My novel Pentecost has sold over 40,000 copies so I know from experience what works

I’ve experimented with many different approaches and I know what works for fiction vs non-fiction in the real-world. I’m an author, not just a book marketer.

Now you can learn some of the key ways to promote your novels and sell more copies during the entire life of your books.

In this mini-course, you will get a wealth of actionable ideas for how to sell fiction. No fluff, just practical advice that you can use to increase your own book sales.

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What you will learn:

  • 21 specific ways you can sell more fiction books using online tools
  • How to use these tools to sell to an expanding global audience
  • When advertising can be effective and which sites are good to use
  • Which tactics need a budget and which are free
  • How to organize a successful book launch
  • Steps for rejuvenating your backlist titles
  • Which tactics need time to build up and which can work right now
  • How to use relationship marketing and content marketing to promote your book
  • Whether you really need to blog and social network to sell your fiction
  • How multi-media can be leveraged to sell your book
  • The most effective way to use your book’s back matter to sell more books

and lots more!

Buy now for just US$21 => NO LONGER FOR SALE

Save time, money and energy on your writer’s journey

In this practical training program, you will be able to leverage my mistakes in order to save yourself time, energy and disappointment on the road to selling your novel. I will honestly share everything I have learned as an author selling books online for the last four years.

Here are a few of the comments submitted during the live version of this presentation:

“This is the best one I’ve been to – and I’m always looking for useful information. Great stuff!!” – Traci

“I agree this was GREAT!! So nice to hear advice that actually applies to fiction!” –Bob

“Absolutely worth the price and the time! Thanks! I’ll recommend it!” – Judy

“Meaningful help, not just advertising! Thanks.” – Sonja

“Excellent value, given me lots of ideas. Will check out your Author 2.0 Blueprint.” – Neil

“This was one of the most helpful things for writers I’ve found! Thank you!” – Maria

and from an email afterwards:

“I wanted to thank you for the terrific Webinar “How to Promote Your Novel”. Bravo! I’m just getting my feet wet in the world of indie publishing and found the information you provided extremely helpful. Your clear-thinking approach removed much of the (terrifying) mystery from the process. Already, I’ve begun putting many of your suggestions to work while delving into the gold mine of information on your website. Wow! So much to learn. Your views on indie publishing vs traditional publishing were especially helpful to me, removing the stigma of going it alone. It seems more of an adventure now, not a “second best” way of getting my books in front of readers’ eyes. Thanks.” Patricia, Peirson To Peirson

Here’s what you’ll get in this mini-course:

  • 90-minute video of the presentation recorded from a live webinar including questions from participants which give an added level of depth to the material (although no details are shared of participants). You can watch this online as many times as you like or download and watch on your computer.
  • Audio recording of the presentation – for listening on the go (MP3)
  • Slideshow from the presentation (PDF)
  • Resource Guide – with links to dozens of valuable resources (PDF)
  • Sample book sales flyer/sell sheet – (PDF or template in Word)

Order now and you’ll be on your way to selling more fiction books!

Buy now for just US$21 => NO LONGER FOR SALE

What Others Have to Say About Joanna Penn’s Teaching

“I have never enjoyed a session at a one-day course so much as I enjoyed your talk today at Publishing Boot Camp 2010. It wasn’t just your overwhelming enthusiasm for the topic or your spot-on and up-to-date knowledge but you included so many different aspects of Internet marketing and you were funny too, very funny. I have not learned or laughed so much in a long time.”

Brian K Robertson, PNGSchoolbooks, from Publishing Bootcamp, Nov 2010.

“Joanna is an exceptional coach and presenter. She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and tools, all of which she is willing to share. Her enthusiasm is inspirational, not to mention her awesome business sense. She is outstanding. The teachings and program have been extremely timely and relevant. From a quality and personal perspective, this retreat has been 10+!”

Francesca Bonavita, from NYC, USA. Bali retreat 2010

“Joanna’s seminar on Blogging and Social Networking for Writers was excellent. In just one day she covered the basics of how authors can use WordPress blogs, Twitter and Facebook to build a platform. For me, she opened up the concept of video blogging, something I never would have thought I could do, and explained in a clear way how it could help my writing career. Joanna was warm, funny and very generous, not only with her expertise but also in revealing her past mistakes and what she learned from them. Highly recommended.”

— Belinda Pollard , from Queensland Writer’s Centre Seminar, April 2011. 

“I loved how practical the sessions were. They really changed the way I think about publishing. Joanna is in the business of turning dreams into reality. With her practical advice and extensive knowledge, you can’t go wrong.”

Tammie Day, Oct 2010 – Bali retreat

“Joanna is a content rich speaker and it’s well worth investing your time and money to attend her author training. I now understand blogging and how it makes a difference”

Debra Jarvis, DebraJarvisSpeaks, August 2010

Everything was explained so clearly. I can’t wait to start blogging and tweeting. I’m sure my new business will benefit from all this knowledge. Your speaking style and content is exceptional.”

— Andy McDermott, Publicious, from Gold Coast Writer’s Association full day workshop, May 2010.