Marketing Your Book

Authors have to do a lot of their own marketing.

bigstockbluecomputerThat’s the reality of the publishing industry whether you get a publishing deal or you self-publish. But these days anyone can market globally using just a computer and their time.

It will take effort but it doesn’t have to cost you much – and you might even enjoy it!

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Below are lots of free articles, audios and inspiration for marketing your books. Just click on the links to find out more, and at the bottom you will find multimedia courses to take your learning even further.

Start With The Basics …

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How authors and writers can build an email list for marketing

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Author Platform and Content Marketing

Content marketing for authors and writers

3 Reasons for Writers to Have a Blog … and 3 Reasons Not To

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How to create a book trailer

Book marketing with visual content – how to stand out with images

Microdomination: Branding, Content Marketing And Social Media With Trevor Young

How to use Wattpad as an author

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Social Media

How To Sell Books With Social Media

7 Social Networking Mistakes To Avoid

Content marketing, Google Plus and Book Marketing Tips With Penny Sansevieri

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