Researching Your Novel And Experiences In Publishing With Warren Fahy

I found Warren Fahy’s book Pandemonium on the Kindle a few months back and did a video review on it for It turns out that Warren only released it for a week before it was pulled to be submitted to agents and publishers. As a result of that interview, Warren and I connected and in this interview, I ask him about how he created the worlds of Fragment and Pandemonium. He also explains how his publishing experiences have been, from the big traditional deal to self-publishing.

In the intro, I talk about my UK move again and how it’s disrupting my writing life as well as the zen experience of giving away 1000 books. Plus how Pentecost is doing and an update on Prophecy. I also mention that I am actively seeking guest posts for this site – you can find the guidelines here.

Warren Fahy is the author of Fragment, Pandemonium and several other books. Fragment is available in 18 countries and was chosen as a finalist in 2010 International Thriller Writer’s Best First Book Award.

In the interview,  you will learn:

  • Warren explains the story behind Fragment and also Pandemonium, the sequel. They both use the “lost world” trope popularized by Michael Crichton with Jurassic Park but this time the island evolved in parallel to the rest of the world.
  • How Warren researched the background needed to invent the creatures in both ecosystems. His trip to Woods Hole and discussions with scientists on how evolution could have progressed.
  • The next steps for Fragment – the movie, graphic novel, the field guide to the ecosystems and more
  • On Warren’s publishing experience. How he started writing literary fiction originally but after many years of writing in a literary form, he decided to write a commercial book in order to sell something. How Fragment got him a big book deal with Random House but then with the changes in the industry and Crichton’s death, things changed and Pandemonium hasn’t been picked up (yet). How he has experimented with self-publishing for some of his earlier work and is seeking options for publishing Pandemonium.
  • On the “stigma” of commercial vs literary and the traditional vs self-published author. How the traditional industry pigeon holes you by name and genre these days and the freedom of self-publishing which enables you to write all kinds of different things.
  • How you need to look at yourself as the next big thing – as a writer you are spending untold hours doing the work so if you don’t believe in yourself and aiming at the top, otherwise it’s all a waste of time.

You can find Warren at his website and his books on Amazon and other online bookstores.

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