Book Launch Of Pentecost: I Need Your Help

My thriller novel, Pentecost, will be launching on Mon Feb 7th and will be available on  Click here for free chapters or you can check out the book trailer here.

I really need your help for the launch, and there’s a competition where you can win some great prizes as well!

The launch is targeted for the week of 7-12 Feb, starting with the big push on Mon 7th and finishing with Kindle Nation advertising on 11/12th. The print version is on it’s way but I can’t guarantee the print book will be available that week so I’m focusing on Kindle sales first. I’ll be doing guest posts and interviews that week in an attempt to drive sales. The whole event will be tracked in real-time on the Facebook Pentecost page (click here to join) and then I’ll be doing a round-up post on the blog with all the results and links so you can learn from the process.

Here are the ways you can join in, and also what you will get out of it.

(1) Review the book and post a review on the Kindle page/Goodreads/your blog (or preferably all 3!)

It has been shown that Kindle books are more often bought when there are reviews on the page. I have ebook versions available for review so please email me: Joanna AT if you would be able to read Pentecost and write a review BEFORE 7 February. I am not influencing what your review says, I would just like some reviews on the Kindle page. You can also promote your review or the book on twitter with #Pentecost (and join my list of Fantastic people to follow).

(2) Post a guest article on your blog or feature an interview with me.

If you have an established blog that is in the right niche i.e. writing, books, book reviews, publishing, book marketing, thriller fiction, I would love to feature on your blog one day in the week of 7-11 Feb. I can do guest posts, Q&A, webinar, audio or video interviews. I will even format the video interviews for you so you can embed them on your blog.

This all has to be arranged in advance so please contact me for more details before 21 January: Joanna AT

(3) Buy the book on Mon 7 February and enter the launch competition

If you buy ‘Pentecost’ on Mon 7 Feb (and it will only be 2.99 on the Kindle so not a big investment), you can email me the receipt and be in to win one of these great prizes.

Prize A: 90 minute consulting session with me on any topic you like PLUS/ Full lifetime access to my 12 module Author 2.0 Multimedia course. I don’t do any private coaching at the moment so this prize can’t be bought. I’m available to help you with anything you need in terms of blogging, marketing, digital publishing, writing, podcasting or planning your book.   Value: $500+

Stone pendant handmade by János Gábor Varga

Prize B: Pentecost stone pendant. Gorgeous unique necklace handmade by János Gábor Varga from Blindspot Jewelry in Italy. Please note: This doesn’t come with the power of God! Value: $150

Prize C: Amazon Kindle. Value: $139 (OR/ the equivalent $ in voucher to spend as you like)

You will need to email the receipts by Wed 9 Feb when I will draw the winners at random and announce it on the blog. (Re timezones, I’ll accept any email entry where your date is 7 Feb so it is a multi-timezone approach).

What will you get in return for your help?

Aside from enjoying the book of course and a prize if you win the above (plus my undying gratitude!)

  • All blog posts will be linked to from my dedicated launch page and I will promote them all through Twitter, on Facebook and to the blog audience, so you should get some traffic.
  • All authors of book reviews will be linked to from the dedicated launch page, with your website if you have one or your book link or just your name
  • Everyone who tweets with the hashtag #Pentecost during week of 7-12 Feb will be added to my public Twitter list called ‘Fantastic People’. Lists are a way people use to find more people to follow so you may add Twitter followers through this. I will also promote this list.

I hope you will join me in trying to get another indie author to the top of the Amazon charts on Mon 7 Feb. (It can be done – check out how Machine of Death did it here)

Please email me if you are keen to join in the launch, or sign up below to receive notification on 7 Feb when the competition starts. (You may already be on this list if you downloaded the free chapters of Pentecost.)

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    • says

      Hi Leanne,
      Please email me direct joanna AT with interview questions and I would be really happy to answer all for your blog! Thanks for your help, Joanna

  1. says

    Sorry for commenting so late (I unplugged and now I’m catching up XD), but I just want to let you know that I’ll be definitely helping out! And not just because the first prize makes me want to reach through the screen and cling to it. I’ll put it down in my daily planner so I don’t forget.

  2. Pats Carvalho says

    Really excited about the book release. I have been following your book launch process and blog rather closely and I’m waiting for the d-date. However if you still need people to review your book (before the 7th) please count me in.


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