Happy Holidays! A Festive Selection Of The Creative Penn 2010

Here are some holiday themed posts from the blog this year.

For those eating, drinking and making merry…

Does alcohol help or hurt your writing?

Writing for high stakes: Lessons learned from Dr Who (I’m assuming you’ll be watching TV over the festive period!)

Consume and produce. How to balance your time.

For those reflecting on life…

Boost creativity. Let your mind lie fallow.

What do you want to write in your lifetime? Reflections on mortality.

Embracing the fool as a metaphor for the writing life.

The Artist’s Date: Take time to refill your creative well.

Reflections on 2 years of blogging: Lessons learned.

Why do we read fiction and why do we write fiction?

Inspiration for writers on resilience, accepting criticism and being an introvert with Clare Edwards (audio)

For those already planning the next year…

Publisher Simon & Schuster says authors should blog and social network

If you want to write your first novel in 2011, click here to check out all the posts about novel writing this year.

How to launch a book with no traditional media like Seth Godin

7 reasons authors need to start using video

What do the most highly paid authors have in common?

If you need more, click here for all the best book marketing posts.

Audio interviews for information and inspiration…

While you’re preparing the turkey leftovers, or back at the gym working off the chocolate pudding, try listening to some of the brilliant podcast interviews from this year.

Click here to see all the available audio interviews (all free to download)

Have a Happy Christmas Day!

Images: Flickr CC Bauble by Corey Ann, Candle from Powi,

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