Writing, Publishing Options And Book Marketing: August Ezine

August has been a crazy month for me! I have been fully into editing my thriller novel Pentecost, as well as speaking and doing much more video for the blog as well as my YouTube channel. I’ve also done some amazing audio interviews on the podcast on creativity, spoken word poetry, copywriting, and ebook publishing. Check out the 63 free interviews now available for free.

Here is the monthly Ezine roundup of the posts from the month (right click to download) => The Creative Penn Ezine August 2010

Here’s the online version at Scribd.com if you want to read on-screen.
Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing Ezine from The Creative Penn August 2010

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  1. Joseph Chamberlin says

    “Our Father, Frank: the story of a priest, the woman he loved and the sons they left behind,” has been out since July.
    It is selling and receiving good reviews, mostly from people I know.
    Need some tips on how to get someone to review it.
    “Kindling” it and marketing it and I find your notes encouraging. It is the work I have always wanted to do and still trying to make the right moves to move the book.

  2. Mary Butler says

    Great job, Joseph. Fr. Nugent gave me his copy to read. It was an amazing story. It was too short…I wanted to know more!

    I am sure that a great rock has been taken off of you and thrown into the ocean. You were very fair to all parties. There seemed to be no blame–just the facts. The reader was allowed to react however the reader deemed appropriate. A truly passionate story from all levels.

    Your book would make a great movie, too, if done right and with a little suspense to hold it all together. Some flashbacks, etc. And some parts that you didn’t include directly in your book.

    Mary B

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