Podcast: Tony Eldridge on Adventure Novels and Book Marketing

This is a fun and interesting podcast to listen to with some real gems for authors!

Tony Eldridge is the author of action-adventure novel “The Samson Effect”, endorsed by Clive Cussler and optioned for a movie deal. He also runs the Marketing Tips for Authors blog which is packed with great information on book marketing, including weekly video tips.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How Tony wrote “The Lottery Ticket” after reading books on writing. Writing the novel taught him how to write.
  • How his role as a Sales and Marketing director for a video training company helped in marketing his books and his blog
  • It took a year to write the first book, but the lessons learned were so valuable in writing the next one. Sometimes you just have to move on.
  • How ideas flow after you start writing, and how that first book is unlikely to be the last – so just get going!
  • On Starbucks as a venue for writing
  • The action-adventure authors that have inspired Tony – James Rollins, Clive Cussler (plus Indiana Jones movies). The book is also Dan Brown-esque in it’s religious artefact theme.
  • The story of how Tony got a book blurb quote from Clive Cussler – and how you can get A list author quotes too by learning from his example
  • On self-publishing his book through iUniverse and how sales were effected by the Clive Cussler quote
  • On writing the sequel to “The Samson Effect” at the request of the Hollywood producer who has optioned the book
  • The crazy coincidence that led to the interest of this Hollywood producer, and how movie options work
  • On Marketing Tips for Authors, and Tony’s 3 top tips for authors: Relationship building, platform building and finding the right tools to allow you to be everywhere on the internet
  • Using video tips to drive traffic and list-building as a marketing tool
  • On the possibility of podcasting the novel

You can find Tony at Marketing Tips for Authors and also on Twitter @tonyeldridge

You can buy the book on Amazon here => The Samson Effect

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  1. says

    Any writer/author should follow the expert advice dispensed by both Tony Eldridge and Joanna Penn. They are experts in the field and have guided me to a better marketing campaign. By following their suggestions I have increased my exposure which has led to numerous book sales.
    I make them both as part of my daily reading and so should you.


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