Podcast: Joanna Penn On Writing and Publishing

joanna_penn_largeThis is an interview I did with Frankie Mueller from Book Tours Virtually a few months ago. It is all about the process of writing and getting your ideas from the page into a book form. I am still learning, so hopefully so of this helps you too! You can follow Frankie Mueller on Twitter.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • About me and how I got started in writing, and why I started The Creative Penn
  • What is stopping you from writing your book (and how the literary giants stopped me)
  • How I wrote the book I needed to write and that was burning on my heart
  • Using a deadline can help you to actually finish the book you are writing, or want to write
  • Thoughts on finding your target audience
  • Use your book to write articles, or your articles to write a book
  • Your book will make you an expert, so make sure you are certain you want to pursue that area!
  • How “fair use” works: Using quotes as opposed to plagiarism
  • If you need other author’s permission, build a relationship through Twitter to talk to them
  • How to do research without danger of plagiarism
  • How to structure your book – top down or bottom up
  • Why I did a workbook for “How to Enjoy Your Job
  • About self-publishing and print-on-demand, and using Smashwords.com for ebooks
  • Why you need to do your own marketing and Example of a free marketing plan
  • 3 ways to marketing your book online: Blogging, Podcasting, and Twitter
  • On virtual blog book tours
  • Using surveys and competitions to get traffic and information on your audience – I use SurveyMonkey
  • About blogging and how great it is – start a blog if you are “blocked”!
  • Using proofreaders to give you feedback
  • Finding an editor – great post here from Self Pub Review
  • On self-publishing options and book cover design
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  1. says

    This comment is prompted by your recent request for additional feedback on your blog. You do a very good job with your interviews and I especially like the way your organize your show notes.

    It provides an great summery and I suspect inspires your readers to listen.


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