Podcast: Iggy Pintado on How Authors Can Use Connection

Connection online is the primary way you can sell and promote your books in 2009. (Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s example!) It is important to know about!

Iggy Pintado is the author of “Connection Generation: How Connection determines our place in society and business”. He also runs ConnectGen, a consultancy and is also a speaker. This is a great podcast, packed with inspiration and information for authors.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • What ‘connection’ is and why it is so important in today’s society for all ages
  • How technology has facilitated connection including Google, blogs, social networking and mobile phones
  • Using connection online to facilitate ‘real-life’ connections
  • Why Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are such powerful connection tools: sharing, hunting for information as well as connecting
  • How authors specifically can use connection to sell and promote their books: Use people you know, Facebook, book sites like Red Room, BookBuzzr,
  • How to use a Tweet Blitz to promote your book
  • What to do if you have no background in marketing, or are uncomfortable about doing it
  • How to manage the “anti-social” behaviour and dangers of connection online
  • Why self-publishing is great if you want to avoid the “rejection merry-go-round”, and if you want to use your energy to achieve something positive!
  • Why Booksurge is a good option for self-publishers (it automatically puts your book on the Kindle). In the interview, I also mention the website you can load your book yourself to Kindle )
  • Why you need education before you self-publish (check out the Author 2.0 Blueprint!)
  • Why authors need to use professional editors if they are going to self-publish – and the challenges of writing in Australian (or British) English for the US market! (here’s where to find an editor for your book)
  • The writing process – using research, recording ideas, 15 minute blocks of writing
  • Effective book marketing using your website as a central hub, as well as physical information e.g. postcards
  • Why using a publicist is such a great idea (if you have the budget)
  • Why you can keep promoting your book for as long as you have the energy!

You can find Iggy Pintado at his Connection Generation website or on Twitter here.

You can also buy his book on Amazon here:
Connection Generation: How connection determines our place in society and business


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