Podcast: Ron Nash on writing, publishing and web 2.0 book promotion

Ron Nash is the author of, “How to Find Your Dream Job; Even in a Recession,” as well as being a master career strategist at The Nash Group, which specializes in helping you find the job of your dreams.

How to find your dream jobIn today’s podcast he talks about how he wrote his book, and how he is promoting it on the internet.

Show Notes:

  • How Ron wrote a book about the recession just at the right time and how he capitalised on this
  • How he used Dragons speech to text software to write his book
  • The timeline and process used to write the book
  • On publishing and self-publishing options
  • How social networking and the internet can help book sales
  • How he is using print-on-demand and ebook distribution as well as print
  • On using your book to promote your business
  • How a book can make you a subject matter expert as well as credibility with the press
  • What is a media kit and what is it used for?
  • How Ron got on TV to promote his book
  • Ways to use social networking to sell more books
  • YouTube and video promotion
  • Clarity of purpose and goal setting
  • The Rule of 23 and how it can inspire you to complete your book

You can contact Ron Nash at http://www.thefriendzone.tv


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