The book YOU write will change your life

Suzy Dafnis, on Her Business blog found this article featuring one of my heroes Seth Godin – it is about the books that change people’s lives. His quote was:

“Here’s the thing: the book that will most change your life is the book you write.
Write it as a blog, write it as a book you publish or write it as a private diary.
Doesn’t matter to me. The act of writing things down, of justifying your actions, of being cogent and clear and forthright – that’s how you change.”

This is a brilliant statement and I absolutely agree with it. Today I did an interview with a newspaper and they asked me how my book “How to Enjoy Your Job” had changed my life.

In the process of investigating why I didn’t enjoy my own job, why I was stressed, depressed, overweight and unhappy – I discovered how to change my own life. I also rediscovered my passion for writing – and I discovered internet sales and marketing along the way. 18 months later I am enjoying my day job as a contractor and loving my “hobby” of writing books and blogging to help others self-publish. Today I send the first final draft of my nex book to my editor – so the journey continues!

Will 2009 be the year you change your life by writing your book?

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