Making A Living From Your Writing

An entrepreneur creates value from ideas. Surely that makes authors the ultimate entrepreneurs!

I spent 13 years as a business consultant before becoming a full-time author and speaker. I absolutely consider myself an entrepreneur as well as a creative, but I realize that most authors don’t have the business background I do.

So I’m passionate about sharing the business side of being an author in this exciting digital age!

I share everything I do to make a multi-six-figure income in my book, How to Make a Living with your Writing,  available in ebook and print formats.

Read on for selected excerpts and other useful articles on how to make a living as an author.

Exploiting your book rights and global expansion

How to make more money with your books. Video, audio and slides.

First Principles for Author Entrepreneurs

An Author Business Powered By Content Marketing

It’s not just one book. Your rights and how to exploit them.

How to make a living as a writer. A discussion on business for authors [Video, audio and transcript]

A guide to rights and how you can exploit them as an indie author

Author Entrepreneur: Increase Your Revenue

How to Turn your Non-Fiction Book into a Workbook Edition

How to Monetize a Creative Podcast

Author Entrepreneur. Why being an indie author is a great business model

Author Entrepreneur: Write Books You Love. Think Global. Consider Multiple Streams of Income.

Creative entrepreneur: Business models for authors

Author Entrepreneur. How to sell books and products directly to customers


Audiobooks: Tips for distribution with ACX and audiobook marketing

How to record, produce and distribute audiobooks with Dan Sawyer

How to Record Your Own Audiobooks for ACX

How to read your own audiobook and sell direct to your customers

How audiobook narration and production works with Rosalind Ashford

More audiobook articles and interviews here.


All the posts about translation into German, Spanish and Italian

Public Speaking

Joanna Penn speaking passionately in Stockholm. Photo Credit: Petra Rolinec, www.8tiesbaby.com

Professional Speaking for Authors


The Transition to Making a Living From Your Writing

The arc of the indie author: From first book to CEO of your global media empire

What is your definition of success?

Creating money, creating meaning. Getting into financial flow with Orna Ross

The entrepreneurial reality of being a pro-writer with Mel Sherratt, crime writer

On writing, self-publishing and the business of being a pro writer with James Scott Bell

Make Art, Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on creativity and money with Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

Money, writing and life with Jane Friedman

Why The Writing Journey Is Just Like Skiing


The tools I use in my creative business

Book distribution: How to make the most of direct sales to customers

Cultivating raving fans. Lessons from the music industry.

Freelance writing

My own entrepreneurial journey

A tale of two author brands. On managing both my own brands.

The maturing of self-publishing. Why I’m now focusing on author-entrepreneur

Lessons learned from 5 years as an author entrepreneur

Lessons learned from 4 years as an author entrepreneur

Lessons learned from 3 years as an author entrepreneur

Lessons learned from 2 years as an author entrepreneur

Lessons learned from 1 year as an author entrepreneur

I am creative. I am an author. From affirmation to reality. Giving up my day job to become an author-entrepreneur.

Extra Resources

Why authors, creatives and other introverts should consider public speaking

Tips on public speaking for authors, creatives and other introverts

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