Making A Living From Your Writing

The good news! It is absolutely possible to make a living with your writing. I know this because I make a multi-six-figure income from my writing these days.

Me with some of my books!

But importantly, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

I started writing in 2006, left my job in 2011 and it was 2015 before I was making six figures. I now have 25+ books, a blog, a podcast and a number of other income streams. The author business model is a marathon, not a sprint.

Click here for my author timeline from first book to multi-six-figure income.

I spent 13 years as a business consultant before becoming a full-time author and speaker. I absolutely consider myself an entrepreneur as well as a creative, but I realize that most authors don’t have the business background I do.

So I’m passionate about sharing the business side of being an author in this exciting digital age!

I share everything I do to make a multi-six-figure income in my book, How to Make a Living with your Writing,  available in ebook, print, and audiobook formats. If you want to run a business as a writer, check out the more advanced book, Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur.

Read on for selected excerpts and other useful articles on how to make a living as an author.

What is your definition of success?

First principles for author entrepreneurs

It’s not just one book. Your intellectual property rights and how to exploit them.

It’s not just book sales. How authors make a living.

Money for authors: Income, cash flow and profit

Why writing in a series will make you more money as an author

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The transition to making a living from your writing

The arc of the indie author: From first book to CEO of your global media empire

Take your books further

If you self-publish, you can choose any option to take your books further. If have already signed a publishing contract, check what rights you have licensed. For example, have you licensed ebook and print English language rights to UK and Commonwealth territories?

If yes, you could self-publish in the USA, Canada and the rest of the world in ebook and print, or license those rights to another party. You could also do an audiobook edition, and license the translation rights. So go check your contracts. You could be leaving money on the table!

How to self-publish an ebook

How to self-publish a print book

How to turn your non-fiction book into a workbook edition

Why publish a large print edition and tips on how to do it

How to self-publish an audiobook

Sell more books with boxsets and bundling

Articles about translation

For more on publishing, check out my book, Successful Self-Publishing, available as a free ebook and also in print. Or click here for more free articles on publishing.

Professional speaking for authors

Interviews on writing and money

This is just a selection of interviews from The Creative Penn Podcast, available every Monday.

Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur. Interview with Joanna Penn

The Business of Being a Writer with Jane Friedman

Creative Entrepreneurship and Being Boss with Emily Thompson

Strategy and business plans for authors with Johanna Rothman

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How to Get Your Book into Schools and Double Your Income with Volume Sales with David Hendrickson

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Me with some of my books!

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