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The Creative Penn Podcast is an established interview format podcast centering around writing, publishing and book marketing. Click here to view the backlist episodes.

The Creative Penn logoThere are now sponsorship slots available per episode. Details as below. Here’s an example episode with sponsorship:

Publishing choices & PR for book promotion – featuring W Rabbani Dr Margaret’s Sea Chest

“Wonderful! The promo is clearly narrated …The info on the website is just right too; short but to the point. Good that you narrated the promo at the beginning of the podcast, which is very appropriate. The best part is that it’s available on your website for future listening. ” W. Rabbani, author of Dr Margaret’s Chest

You can also email me if you would like to come to a longer term arrangement: joanna@TheCreativePenn.com

Statistics, Podcast and Blog Reach: Updated August 2012

As at August 2012, the podcast has 134 episodes of approx 30 mins each. It is distributed through Blubrry and available on iTunes as well as other podcatchers.

The Creative Penn podcast demographicsHere are the current statistics for the audio podcast:

  • Total number of downloads: 98,528
  • ~3600 downloads per month across all episodes
  • Average number of downloads per episode (based on last 10 episodes): 1487
  • 44% listen through iTunes
  • Demographics: ~59% USA, 10% UK, 6.7% Australia, 5.4% China: breakdown as right


Each podcast episode also has a blog post associated with it that contains show notes.

The Creative Penn has over 4000 subscribers by RSS and email. I also tweet the episode in several time zones (@thecreativepenn has around ~29,000 followers) as well as sharing on Facebook (~3000 fans) and on Google Plus (great for Search Engine Optimization).

Google Analytics data: TheCreativePenn.com gets ~42,000 hits per month and around ~69,000 page views. 50% of traffic is from the US. UK, Australia, Canada and India make up around 25% together.

Alexa Ranking: 35,591 in USA

What you get as a sponsor

If you join as a sponsor, you will get:

  • Promotion on the audio. You can either provide:
    * An audio mp3 segment of max 2 minutes that will be included in the podcast as a sponsor OR/
    * ~300 words for me to read out (in an enthusiastic and animated fashion!)
  • Promotion on the blog show notes. You provide your book cover, 2 line blurb and Amazon link and I will include your sponsor material in the blog post that goes out to over ~4000 readers and also gets shared over the social networks.

How to become a sponsor

You can sign up for a sponsorship slot now by clicking the Add To Cart button below.
Add to Cart

This will take you through a secure payment channel on Paypal (where you can also pay by credit card if you don’t have a Paypal account). It is US$99 for one sponsorship slot.

After payment, you will need to email me with the date you wish to be featured on the podcast. If you want to have a specific week for your book launch, please book as early as possible. You will then send me the audio file or the text to be recorded, and I will include it in the podcast. You will also send your book cover,  2 sentence blurb and Amazon link and that will be included in the show notes.

When the episode goes live, I will email you the link.

Will it work?

As with any marketing activities, there is no guarantee of a sales increase, but this will definitely get your book in front of thousands of people by audio and also on the blog. Check the statistics above for how many people currently listen to or see the information on The Creative Penn. The podcast episodes also continue to be downloaded over time, so your book/promo will continue to be seen and heard for years to come. Once recorded and live, the shows remain up ad infinitum.