How To Publish A Book

The publishing world is exploding with opportunity right now …

opportunity… and many authors are finding new ways to build a career with self-publishing, traditional publishing or a hybrid combination of the two.

I am passionate about empowering authors to discover the right path for each book. The most important thing is to know your options, so read on.


Read this first: How to publish a book 101

Overview of How To Publish Your Book: Includes self-publishing, print on demand, ebooks and more as I go through the options for a coach approaching her first book.

4 Key Book Publishing Paths – by Jane Friedman

Self Publishing and the Definition of an Indie Author

The 7 Worst Mistakes of Indie Authors and How To Fix Them

self-publishing distribution providersTop 10 Tips For Self-Publishing Print Books On Createspace

How To Make A Professional Standard Print Book Interior With Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer

Book Cover Design: The Process Explained

Secrets Of Amazon MetaData From #1 Amazon Bestseller Mark Edwards

The Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success. A Must-Read For Authors.

Are Self-Published Authors Happier Than Traditionally Published Authors?

Self Publishing In Print: Why I Have Returned To Printing My Books

Self-Printed 2.0: Self-Publishing And Marketing Tips With Catherine Ryan Howard

How to get a US tax number & get your with-holding tax back – for non-US self-publishers – from Karen Inglis

Join the Alliance of Independent Authors for education, advocacy, help and networking with other indie authors

TheCreativePenn_Course Buttons2Read Choosing a self-publishing service by Orna Ross, Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran, or Self-printed by Catherine Ryan Howard

Learn from NY Times bestselling author CJ Lyons (who has sold over 2 million books) in the video multimedia course, ProWriter: Secrets of Successful Self-Publishing - a step by step guide through self-publishing print and ebooks with authors who do this for a living, CJ Lyons and Joanna Penn.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional Publishing And Self-Publishing Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Pros and cons of traditional publishing

How I Got A Literary Agent

prowriter button trad pubWhy I Signed With A New York Literary Agent

How To Write A Book Proposal

Learn from NY Times bestselling author CJ Lyons in the video multimedia course, ProWriter: How To Get Traditionally Published – everything you need to know about agents, querying, pitching and how the business works.

Top Audio Interviews On Publishing

Exploiting your rights – copyright, print/ebook, foreign language, audio, territories and more – with Orna Ross

Book Design Elements And Interior Formatting With Jane Dixon Smith

How To Record, Produce And Distribute Audiobooks With J. Daniel Sawyer

stack of booksEbook Publishing On Kobo With Mark Lefebvre

From Indie Author To Hybrid With Amazon’s Thomas Mercer Imprint With Scott Nicholson

Success In Writing, Publishing And Marketing Takes Time With Jane Friedman

The Empowerment Of Indie Publishing With David Gaughran

Brilliant book proposals and the traditional publishing process with Julia McCutchen (audio)

How to be a NY Times bestselling author with Scott Sigler, author of Contagious, Infected and Ancestor (audio with transcript)

Killing the sacred cows of publishing with Dean Wesley Smith (audio + video)

Moving From Traditional Publishing To Indie With Orna Ross

Six Figure Indie Publishing With Robin Sullivan

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