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As a paying customer of mine, you are my priority and I want to help you as fast as possible! To help me get back to you ASAP, please select Purchase Enquiry/Help in the form below and I will usually reply within 24 hours.

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I am always happy to consider professional speaking opportunities. Please select Speaking Enquiry below. For further details, check out the Speaking and Testimonials page.

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The Creative Penn podcast is booked at least four months in advance and usually I choose the interviewee from my personal contacts. However, I am interested in hearing from you if you have an unusual story or a top selling book that would be useful to my audience. Please select the Podcast Interview Enquiry below.

Podcast Feedback or Sponsorship Enquiries

The Creative Penn podcast is a lot of fun for me, and I hope it’s useful for you! I love to hear any feedback, suggestions or questions about the show. Please select Podcast Feedback below.

Requests for help or questions from authors about writing, publishing or book marketing

lets get digitalFor questions on how to self publish, read this article and the free Author 2.0 Blueprint here. For more detail, read David Gaughran’s book Let’s Get Digital.

how to market a book 3dFor questions about book marketing, read this article and my book ‘How To Market a Book’ on all online stores.

If you have more detailed questions, there are over 1000 free articles on the site (use the search on the blog side bar to find specific articles). There are also 100+ hours of free audio at The Creative Penn podcast. You can also download the free Author 2.0 Blueprint here, or check out my YouTube channel.

Check out the books and courses in the Shop if you want to learn more.

I don’t review manuscripts or accept books for review and I’m not able to read your book or your writing.

I suggest you check out the list of editors here, or find a writing group locally. For book cover design, check out the list of designers here.

If you still have a specific question that isn’t answered with these links, please select Author Question in the form below.

Guest post submissions

As of April 2014, I no longer accept guest posts on The Creative Penn. Here’s why.

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