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Sometimes you just need a little one on one help to progress with achieving your goals.

Over the last six years of writing, publishing and marketing books I have made every mistake along the way, and I love to help people avoid those same mistakes.

I spent thousands on print publishing before I discovered print on demand and digital publishing. I spent countless hours on traditional marketing through press releases, radio and TV before I discovered online internet marketing.

Joanna Penn authorI sold zero books when I launched my first book back in 2008 but became an Amazon bestseller with my first and subsequent novels after I applied everything I had learned.

I was part of a box-set that became a New York Times and USA Today bestselling in March 2014, and my books have sold over 250,000 copies in 40+ countries, and now in 3 languages.

I’m still learning but I definitely have knowledge that will help save you time, money and heartache on your journey. So I now offer 1:1 consulting, details as below.

Targeted 1 hour Consulting Session

After we arrange a time to meet, you send me your completed consulting questionnaire and in the 60 min session I help you with working through the strategies and tools you need to move forward with your specific project.

Topics for discussion could include:

  • What are the publishing options available today?
  • How can I market my book more effectively?
  • Can you analyze why my online presence isn’t working & give me tips on how to improve it?
  • Why is my blog not getting the traffic it deserves?
  • I want to make money but it’s just not happening for me – can you advise ways to improve my business?
  • I am a small business-person, how can I write a book and use it to stand out in my niche?
  • I’ve been trying to write a book for years, but I can’t get it done. How can I finish the book I started and get it out there?
  • I want to be a public speaker – how do I get started? How do I improve?
  • I’m an introvert  – how do I get my book out there?
  • I want to take my author/creative business seriously – how can I get out of my day job?

testimonialdougI can also discuss any other aspects of writing, publishing, book marketing (specifically internet marketing) and running a creative business.

Usually, people only need the one hour session and go away with a massive amount of information to work on.

As soon as you purchase the hourly consulting session, you will be redirected to a page with more details on scheduling your session.

Please remember – you can get lots of free information on this site starting here and you can also get my books and courses for a cheaper price. So only purchase consulting if you really need 1:1 help.


[Please note: Due to demand, there may be a 2-3 week wait for consulting sessions but you will be in the queue as soon as you book. Thank you.]

Or please contact me on this page with any questions.

How do the consulting sessions work?

These consulting sessions are over the phone (or video Skype) which are recorded so you can listen and action later. The sessions are very targeted to your situation and to make sure you get the full value, you will need to complete questions prior to the session.

rich amooi testimonialThis is not coaching i.e. you will not need lots of sessions. Most of my clients only have one session which gives them enough to action for the next 4-6 months.

This is specific consulting on a topic. You will get stacks of valuable information and I will also send you the links for anything we discuss or I recommend as well as the recording after the session. I do very few of these consulting sessions because of the time they take (yes, I should be writing!)

Click here for more testimonials if you want to see what people say about me in person.

Payment is through secure Paypal or credit card.

Once you have bought the session, please email me : joanna AT with the following information:

  • Your timezone and contact details – skype or landline phone
  • 3 different times that you can talk to me (at different times of day)

You will also be sent a consulting questionnaire to fill in.

I do offer 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t feel you receive excellent value from this session.

I love to help people and I want you to be happy with the service you receive.

If you have any questions about this service and would like to book a session: joanna AT