Happy New Year 2014. My Creative And Writing Goals for 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

champagne corksWhen the new year dawned just three years ago, in 2011, I was still an IT consultant, hating my job and dreading that first day back at work.

Things have changed so much for me, and I’m utterly grateful for the life I lead now. I don’t take any of this for granted. I am a creative entrepreneur, writing, speaking and creating for my living. Happy times! I hope that you’re feeling just as positive for 2014.

Here are my creative and writing goals for this year – I’d love you to share some of yours in the comments below.

(1) Stick with Plan A: Write more books and attract more readers

This is what’s on my creative list for the year, although I’m not entirely sure of the order or how much I can realistically achieve :)

  • Publish non-fiction book on public speaking. It is in the final stages of proof-reading and will be out in Jan.
  • Delirium, crime thriller, next in the Jamie Brooke series. Sequel to Desecration.
  • ARKANE full-length novel #4 – themed around Kabbalah mysticism and Spain
  • Stand-alone crime thriller set around UK pilgrimage sites .. composting ideas right now, this may be epic …
  • Stand-alone thriller featuring O, a character from Desecration. Perhaps a novella.
  • Non-fiction book on creative entrepreneurship to underpin the new direction of the blog and also support my professional speaking
  • Screenplay for Desecration … this is a whole new direction but I can’t get the idea out of my head
  • Post-apocalyptic novella … composting ideas … and I have this idea for a technothriller too

This goal includes assumes all the publishing and marketing aspects of publishing these books, which I basically count as ‘business as usual’ work these days. This list is definitely too long for one year, but you gotta aim high, right!

I’m also assuming that I can speed up my process, and I’ll be trying the ‘beats’ writing technique outlined in Truant & Platt’s Write, Publish, Repeat – a great book I recommend for all authors.

(2) Exploit more rights and focus on global territories

globeI’ve written in detail about rights exploitation and in 2014, I intend to get serious about mine!

  • Focus on translation. In 2014, I will have Pentecost out in German, Spanish and Italian through joint venture deals with independent translators. I am also looking to work with foreign rights agents and other translation professionals to expand the number of books available in other languages. Please do Contact me if you’re interested in working with me on further translations.
  • Focus on specific foreign markets – India and Germany, Spanish for USA and other territories.
  • Produce my own audio of One Day In Budapest – podcast this for free as lead-in to the Audible audiobooks
  • Look at audio options for Jamie Brooke series. Potentially sell audio rights for Desecration, or produce through ACX and read it myself.

(3) Professional speaking

  • Move my professional speaking to the next level – in terms of income, audience size and topics covered. I am now a Member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) UK so I will be developing more in 2014.
  • Speak more internationally. Yes, I can speak all over the world! Please check out my speaking page if you know of any opportunities.

(4) Focus more on creative entrepreneurship on the blog, podcast and YouTube channel

As per the article on my 5th blog anniversary, I have shifted focus to being more of a graduate program in creative entrepreneurship. I’ll be continuing to share my journey with:

 (5) Travel junkie


Cycling down the Western Ghats from Ooty into the tea plantations

Yes, I had two weeks cycling through India in 2013 – woohoo! But I want more :) I added a travel goal halfway through 2013, so I thought I’d just get it out there. I ALWAYS want to travel!

Part of the reason I write is to dive down the rabbit hole of research, and my research involves visiting the places I write about, which in 2014 will include a little jaunt to Cordoba and Granada in Spain.

My brother is getting married in Toronto, so I’ll be in Canada, and also hopefully NYC for Thrillerfest, but that is tentative at the moment. I’d love to visit somewhere new in the latter half of 2014, ideas to come on that … and of course, I want to speak internationally, see above.

OK, that’s me. Please share your creative and writing goals for 2014 in the comments below. I’d love for us to be accountable together.

Image: Flickr Creative Commons champagne corks by summerbl4ck and globe by Bobot.

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  1. says

    Hi Joanna

    This is a big year for me. All my years of longing and wishing to be an entrepreneur writer are all falling into place. I left my husband, enrolled in a Bachelor of Writing and Publishing, moved two states away and now I’m setting up my website. I have joined several author groups and entrepreneur groups.

    I am going to at least write one novel and one non-fiction book this year.
    I am going to try to learn about public speaking which will be a nerve wrecking experience until I get desensitized to it.

    This is a brilliant, make it happen, year.

    I wish you all the best Joanna. I love your site and read it as often as I can. Your words motivate and enlighten me. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

    To everyone and anyone. Create your fate and enjoy 2014


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