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    This is a great post. I also come from an SEO background, but I have failed to use all of the available space given to me.

    You have provided some great suggestions for additional content that people can add to their descriptions to sneak in those additional keywords!

    Great idea!

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    Hi Lori/Jo
    This is a great post, and not something I’ve thought about too much before.
    We’ve always included review quotes and the like in our book descriptions, but the Q&A and excerpt ideas are great, so thanks.
    If I can ask, do you always use the same main description on all platforms?

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    These are great ideas. I never thought about putting the genre in the description. Including excerpts, if there is room, is brilliant. I’m going to go update my extended descriptions in Amazon. Thanks for sharing.

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    I think all of those are great ideas, but one thing to consider when dealing with space constraints is to use an excerpt or to not use an excerpt. I think it might be best to put everything else mentioned in there first, then use any remaining space for an excerpt or a good quote. That way you have all of the best SEO-friendly stuff in there for sure and hopefully that will get people on your book’s page and get them to click the “Look Inside” button to read the real excerpt that can be much longer. Just a thought :)

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    One can typically count on Lori Culwell to possess a unique perspective on a wide range of topics.

    As an internet marketing expert and author, her insight regarding picturing the description section of one’s book as a “landing page” is brilliant.

    Lori is technically quite savvy, incredibly creative–and has a well developed sense of humor. This is relevant because her distinctive combination of talents translates into one being able to learn much from her–while enjoying the process!

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    As someone who is pretty naive about technology how and where do we get the description inserted. I always assumed the bookseller did that. Is there a trick to putting the material on line there? I’d appreciate any help I can get here. Thanks.

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