Everything You Wanted To Know About How To Market A Book. New Book And Premium Audio Available Now

After 5 years of learning about marketing, I have finally compiled everything I know into one book!

how to market a book 3d‘How To Market A Book’ is now available in ebook format, and coming soon in print. Plus, you can take your knowledge further and join me in monthly audios with Premium access.

Here’s all the details.

The first job of an author is, of course, to write great books, but these days, their second job is to market them.

Marketing isn’t a skill that most authors have naturally, and there is little formal training. But when your book hits the shelves, and the sales don’t start rolling in, there’s only two things an author can do. Keep writing more books and … Get to grips with marketing.

This book is for authors who want to sell more books …

but it’s also for those writers who want to think more like an entrepreneur. It’s for traditionally published authors who want to take control of their future, and for self-published authors who want to jumpstart a career.

joel friedlander

“Joanna Penn’s How to Market a Book is the most up to date, personable guide to modern book marketing I know. Packed with tips from the charming and well-informed Penn, it’s an essential guide for indie authors who want to keep up with the ever-shifting world of book marketing.” Joel Friedlander, TheBookDesigner.com, A Self-Publisher’s Companion.

There are some short-term tactics for those who want to kick up immediate sales, but the focus of the book is more about instilling values and marketing principles that will help your long-term career as a writer.

It’s also about going beyond just the book, because the methods in this guide can take you from being an author into professional speaking, making money from other products and creating opportunities that you can’t even imagine yet.

There are no rules in this game, but learning this kind of authentic marketing has certainly changed my life, so read on and I’ll share everything I know with you.

How To Market A Book covers an extensive range of marketing principles, strategies and tactics:

  • Part 1: Marketing Principles – including myths, how to balance your time, co-opetition and generosity
  • Part 2: Prerequisites for Success – including an understanding of yourself and your target market, professional editing and cover design, your book page on the retailer websites, pricing and the use of free
  • Part 3: No Platform Needed – Short-term Marketing – including how to get book reviews, paid advertising, using traditional media and tips for TV, radio and press releases
  • Part 4: The Author Platform – Long-term Marketing – including the reasons why a platform is a good thing, author branding, your author website, list-building and email marketing, content marketing and blogging, audio and podcasting, video and book trailers, social networking, professional speaking, and becoming an author-entrepreneur.
  • Part 5: Launching Your Book – including how launching has changed, soft launch, launch spikes, post launch and relaunches as well as lessons learned from some major book launches.
  • Plus/ tips for when you get overwhelmed and plenty more links to further resources.

You can buy ‘How To Market A Book’ as just the book alone …

Click here to sample or buy ‘How To Market A Book’ on Amazon

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Coming soon on other bookstores and also in print.

TheCreativePenn_CourseButtons12… or you can join the Premium area for extra audio support

Click here for the full sales page for ‘How To Market A Book’ Premium

 With the premium level access, you get:

  • “How to Market a Book” in fully-formatted PDF as well as mobi (for Kindle) and ePub (for other readers) – so this is the same text as you get by buying on the other stores
  • PLUS/ 100 minutes of audio mp3 on the top questions authors ask about marketing
  • PLUS/ 1 hour of audio every month where I will go into a different area of marketing. The price includes a full year of access.
  • PLUS/ Private area to ask your specific questions which I will address on the audios monthly

Click below to buy now for just US $47 and get access to the Premium material so you can get started marketing.

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Or click here to read about Premium access in a lot more detail


Mark McGuinness“Right now, self-publishing is a wide open opportunity for writers. But it’s a confusing and increasingly competitive field. Joanna Penn is one of the guides I rely on to help me navigate the maze, make better marketing decisions, and sell more books. If you read this book, she’ll do the same for you.” Mark McGuinness, Coach and author of Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success

Some people have asked me what the difference is between this and the ProWriter: Secrets of Successful Book Marketing course are. The ProWriter courses are video based and are based on interviews with NY Times bestselling author CJ Lyons. The Market Book Premium is audio only and is with me only. You also get many more hours teaching in the ProWriter course as well as behind the scenes screen capture videos.

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  1. says

    Thank you, oh writing how-to guru! I love your blog and books, and now you offer something else for me to ponder–you’re awesome.
    Can’t wait to dive in to what is sure to be be very helpful advice.

  2. Maggie says

    The price is $7.68 on Amazon.com and £5 on Amazon.co.uk, which doesn’t match up with the 2.99 mentioned in the blog post. The prices match up for the Kobo version not for Amazon. Can you clarify, Joanna? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Maggie, I did mention the price would go up after the initial launch but I am having a bit of a nightmare with price matching as well. It should be under £5 for the UK but with VAT I got my pricing wrong, have to wait to adjust it down. You’re seeing a higher price in the US because it shows exchange rate.


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