How To Market Your Book And How To Be A ProWriter

Over the last three and a half years I’ve been sharing the journey of being a writer on this site.

writing with ink pensIf you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know of my many experiments in book marketing as well as what I’ve learned about the business of being an author along the way.

The last six months have been significant as my fiction career has started to take off, with Pentecost and Prophecy selling over 40,000 copies. Plus my business The Creative Penn has enabled me to become a full-time author-entrepreneur. It’s been a busy time!

Now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you in two new multimedia courses in the hope that you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made and jump-start your writing success.

Learn from a New York Times bestselling author

Cj LyonsBut I’m also new at this game, so I’ve teamed up with New York Times bestselling author CJ Lyons who has been a professional writer for 6 years.

CJ is the author of 16 novels, described as Thrillers with Heart. She has 2 series of medical thrillers, 2 books with environmental activist Erin Brockovitch and a number of stand-alone thrillers. CJ combines both traditional publishing deals with indie publishing to create a successful hybrid career.

In 2011, her novel Blind Faith hit #2 on the NY Times bestseller list, #4 on the USA Today list and sold 240,000 copies in 2 months. In 2012, her FBI thrillers Snakeskin and Bloodstained continue to dominate the Amazon charts, selling tens of thousands monthly.

CJ Lyons books

We have already released two courses on publishing: Secrets of Traditional Publishing Success and Secrets of Independent Publishing Success.

Now we bring you the final modules in the ProWriter series: How To Find Readers and Market Your Book and Secrets of a ProWriter

How to market a bookProWriter: How To Find Readers and Market Your Book

This is my most comprehensive course on book marketing. It covers everything from knowing yourself and author branding, to what you can achieve without an author platform including Amazon sales page optimization, book reviews and advertising. Then we go into the author platform with your website, blogging, social networking, audio, video and much more. Read more here.

It’s a multi-media course with over 5 hours of video and audio and 162 pages of text material to work through.

Click here for more information or buy now for US$99 => Add to Cart

Or buy both courses for US$129 (saving $20) =>Add to Cart

how to be a professional writer courseSecrets of a ProWriter

We need to learn how to write well, but there are also skills involved in becoming a full-time author and running your own business. In this course, we go through managing your creative self, managing your productivity and managing your creative business. Read more here.
It’s a multi-media course with over 4 hours of video and audio and 101 pages of text material to work through.

Click here for more information or buy now for US$49 =>Add to Cart

Or buy both courses for US$129 (saving $20) =>Add to Cart

Do let me know if you have any questions.

Please note: The prices will be going up on 23 July when we will launch to a wider audience. So please take advantage of the early bird pricing!

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    I just thought I’d share with everyone how glad I am to have signed up for these two latest modules as well as Secrets of Indie Publishing. Both in terms of format and content, that’s the best in the market. Totally worth the cost! Also, both CJ and Joanna took the time to answer the questions I had after I took the course.

    • says

      Hi Katie – there are no silly questions :)
      The courses will continue to be available so no rush in terms of purchasing over time – BUT/ we are putting the price up after this initial month, so this is the best time to get it at a discount. Thanks!

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