Thriller Novel Pentecost Now On Sale, Launch Posts And Competition Details.

It’s launch day!

Pentecost, a thriller novel, is now available in Kindle and print format on Amazon. The ebook is just $2.99 and the print book is $8. Click here to buy now.

(Update: 8 Feb – launch competition has now closed! Winners have been notified – see bottom of page for details)

Here’s the book trailer if you are unsure whether it’s your type of book and some reader review comments are below.

Some Amazon Review Comments

“The novel races around the world and Penn’s research in location and religious mythology is clear, with every aspect of the plot considered and fleshed out in fine detail. The pace is high, the stakes are higher…” Alan Baxter

Raiders of the Lost Ark meets the Da Vinci Code!Joseph L. Giacolone

Penn’s background in religious studies makes the myth believable and her attention to detail in the locations and character development are without fault. Comparisons to many other thrillers abound but Joanna Penn has carved her own niche.” Write On.

Full of fast-paced action this book hits the ground running from the beginning. If the aim of a good story is to take a protagonist, give her a goal, and then throw as much stuff between the protagonist and her goal so as to make it look impossible to reach it, then Joanna Penn has accomplished it with flare. Her use of both expected turns and surprising twists made this story haunt my dreams at night.” Virginia Ripples

Readers are taken on a pulsating journey through some of the most significant cities in Christian history as they follow the undaunted efforts of heroin Morgan Sierra… Penn should be applauded for developing such a capable heroine moving away from the typical male bravado that’s used to characterize the heroes in most current-day thrillers.” C.G Lawrence

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Launch Posts

This week I have all kinds of guest posts, interviews and reviews on different sites which I’ll be linking to as they are live. I hope you enjoy all the different information and I’ll be tweeting all these over the week.

Move over Dan Brown – video interview of me talking about Pentecost with Tom Evans, from The BookWright

Review of Pentecost from Alan Baxter, dark fantasy thriller author of Realmshift and MageSign

On conquering the fear of criticism and judgment – Tribal Writer

Psychology as inspiration for the writer’s muse – Livia Blackburne

Thrillercast – Podcast interview about why I wrote Pentecost and gender issues in writing action/adventure – Thanks Alan Baxter and David Wood

7 Ways To Attract Attention To Your Book Sales Page – Victoria Mixon

How to write your first novel in one year  – Lateral Action.

How to write back blurb for your book – The Savvy Book Marketer

Four Tips on Preparing for your Book Launch – C Hope Clark

Interview with BubbleCow editors on writing and indie publishing – Bubble Cow

7 Ways Glee can improve your fiction writing – Best Damn Creative Writing Blog

It’s time to finish your book. 9 Productivity Tips for Writers – Write To Done

From DIY To Outsourcing. Why self-publishers should hire experts and how to work with them – The Book Designer

Why you should consider indie publishing – Storyfix.

On being an indie author. 5 lessons learned – The Word according to Alan Baxter

Kindle Nation Daily Sponsorship – Indiana Jones meets Dan Brown

Tips for publishing on the Kindle – Marketing Tips for Authors with Tony Eldridge

6 Fiction Writing Techniques That Will Improve Your Blog – Problogger

How a blogging platform can help novelists- about Pentecost with KM Weiland from Wordplay

Excuse Editor Q&A with Joanna Penn on Pentecost

A brand new religious artifact thriller with a strong female lead: Love it! from Erin Al-Mehairi

Interview with Justin Lambert on Pentecost

5 Steps to writing your non-fiction book – Cats Eye Writer (also relevant for fiction!)

Interview with Joanna Penn on writing, publishing and more – The Lyon’s Tale

Indie publishing. What is it and why should you consider it – Literascribe (Lorna Ferguson)

Finding time to write in a busy life – Krissy Brady

Interview with author and blogger Joanna Penn on indie publishing – Strictly Writing

What Women Write – Interview and review from Joan Mora

Audio interview with Dana Pittman – Nia Promotions

Review of Pentecost from Sam Brougher

12 reasons why you want Pentecost – by Lara (Logophile)

Teaser on Pentecost from Brooks Young and article on author branding for Brook’s blog

Upon review: Pentecost reviewed by Virginia Ripple

A huge thank you to everyone who has participated in the launch.

I really appreciate your reviews, articles, tweets and support. It’s been a fantastic journey and I will of course be sharing the next steps and what I’ve learned in the process so you can improve your next book launch.

One last time, please click here to buy Pentecost, a thriller novel!

and if you enjoy the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads or sharing on your favorite social network. Thanks so much!

Winners of the launch competition:(drawn by

1st prize:Lorna Ferguson

2nd prize: Winn Griffin

3rd prize: John Ferro

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  1. says

    Congrats! – I’ve huge admiration for you and the way you’ve built the site and now luanched the book – very impressive and inspriational. Looking forward to getting this bad boy on to the iPad!

  2. Jenn Crowell says

    Congrats, Joanna! I am so impressed at the hard work you’ve put into this project — and your marketing/launch post prowess is amazing!

  3. says

    Wow Joanna, you’ve been busy! Congratulations! I’ve been checking your sales rankings all day :-) Your guest post is up on my site now too.

  4. says

    Congrats on the launch. Look forward to checking it out.

    How did you list a print version with Buy and ISBN and go through Lightning Source? Would love to see a post on your experiences with that.

    • says

      Lightning Source works with Ingram catalog and any site can take the book from there, so it automatically goes up. I’ll definitely be blogging about the experience when the dust settles!

  5. says

    Thanks for all the advice Joanna. I am just about to release, through Caffeine Nights Publishing my own novel (crime genre) ‘London’s Falling’. It’s looks like you did a tremendous job of promoting your novel and I mean to take a leaf from your book so to speak and follow suggestions about media exposure and so on.


  1. […] In launch week, I appeared on 32 other blogs doing text articles, video and audio interviews as well as people posting reviews or Q&A with me. It was a significant amount of work to prepare all this in advance and to write that many good articles as well as continue my own blog, the day job, life etc – you know the score! I wrote for large blogs like Problogger and WriteToDone as well as niche blogs for authors. Click here and scroll down for the full list. […]

  2. […] Other book marketing techniques. The online media tour / virtual book tour means you schedule online appearances in a specific period. Ishita talks about the process and you can see Seth’s Book 2.0 media tour here from Linchpin. Traditional media was used but mainly picked up the stories from the web. The default was web first, you can control, measure and see direct results. [You can see my slightly smaller launch for Pentecost here.] […]

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