Facebook Marketing For Authors With Amy Porterfield

Facebook can be quite overwhelming but there are 500 million users and it’s the most popular social network. As author-entrepreneurs we need to know how to use it for book marketing and building an author platform. I have a Facebook page for The Creative Penn (come and join us!) but I had some questions about using it for promoting a book.

In this interview, social media strategist Amy Porterfield gives us her best tips. Audio mp3 and text below the video.

Audio => AmyPorterfield.mp3

In the video, you will learn:

  • Why Facebook is so important these days
  • The difference between Pages and Groups
  • How to use Pages for book promotion
  • Why sharing your best content is so important
  • How to engage people in the process of writing your book
  • How to use your time effectively on social networks
  • Setting up an editorial calendar for effective blogging
  • Why Facebook ads can be effective for book promotion

You can find Amy at her AmyPorterfield.com and I highly recommend you read this post on Must-Read Facebook Marketing Tips.

Amy is also on Facebook here and on twitter @amyporterfield

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  1. says

    This was an awesome interview!

    I recently installed the WordPress plugin “Editorial Calendar,” and it is definitely helping to schedule my blog posts.

    I have also decided to start from scratch with Facebook as I was doing things completely wrong for far too long.

    Thanks Joanna and Amy for the insightful vodcast!

    Bryan J Zimmerman

  2. says

    Great post, Joanna. Thanks. I will get to work on sorting out my FaceBook marketing right away.

    Somehow feel like I will procrastinate over the editorial calendar though. Ooops.

  3. John Matthews says

    I have written non-fiction books for young people that have been published by mainstream publishers, but I have recently launched a pen-name for a series of mystery novels.

    The first, Kill Lora Blair, by the pen-name K.T. Biffle is now up on Kindle.
    My question: Should I start a tab on my existing Facebook page for K..T. Biffle, or launch a separate page?

    I value your response

    • says

      Hi John, this is a tough one – we separate brands for reasons though – so presumably your books are for different audiences? Different audiences would suggest a different page – but if the two are similar genres, then keeping one is easier. It takes a lot of work to maintain an active FB page so it’s important to only set up a new one if you’re sure. Thanks,


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