Podcast: First Time Novel Publishing Experience With Graham Storrs

Graham Storrs is the author of ‘Timesplash’, a fast paced science fiction novel as well as a number of other books. In this podcast, he discusses the experience of finally getting published after many years of writing.


Author Graham Storrs

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How Graham went from research and R&D in computer intelligence in the UK, to moving to Australia for ebusiness and now writing in rural Queensland.
  • About ‘Timesplash’, a sci-fi thriller about a sub-culture travelling back in time creating present day consequences. You can read more about the book at the Timesplash blog.
  • On fast paced thrillers being more commercial than other genres Graham has written – space opera, sci-fi comedy set in Brisbane with an alien invasion.
  • Graham has been writing for money and fun for years but has only recently considered commercial fiction. Publishers are looking to sell lots of books so it is an important consideration! He was put off by the numbers of rejections.
  • Recognize what amateurs do when submitting to agents. Submit in the right format with the right book. It’s easier these days to find all this information out online so do your research and understand how the publishing industry works. It is a business.
  • Graham won a place on the Queensland Writers Centre Hachette manuscript competition – this is open for submissions now to all Australian residents or citizens.
  • Talk to people to understand the way in to publishing. Networking is incredibly important.
  • Getting published is a matter of mindset. Change your mind to the publisher’s viewpoint and see your book with a business eye. This will make all the difference.
  • Understand how the process works at a publisher. From understanding the slush pile, to agents, editors, to internal selling of the book. Decisions are made very quickly so if you have to do all you can to help them make a decision. Give them all the right triggers so they ask for more information. Describe your book in a few key, compelling sentences. Do the work for them to convince them it will make money for the publisher.
  • Why blogging has helped Graham as a new author, to sell books and promote himself. He was advised to have a writing blog so audiences can find out more about the author, and to help publishers with marketing. It has to carry your brand and present an image of yourself to the world.
  • Graham has used an online blog tour to promote ‘Timesplash’ as well as stacks of other marketing ideas. Here is an article he wrote on marketing tips for authors. It’s hard to know what works with marketing but you have to keep plugging away at it. He has also done a 24 hour non-stop Twitter tour when some people bought and read the book while the tour was happening.
  • On selling online and how ebook sales can be a long term income producing stream. (For more on this, read JA Konrath’s blog). Your books can be put ‘above the fold’ so people can buy them whenever they come back to your blog.

You can find more about Timesplash here, and you can also find Graham on his blog here as well as on Twitter @graywave

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