Podcast: Using Video For Book Promotion With Gideon Shalwick

When mega-publishers Simon & Schuster say authors should be on video sites, we should all be listening. In March, I posted 7 reasons why authors should use video sites and this podcast expands on the topic by interviewing internet video expert, Gideon Shalwick.

Gideon Shalwick is an internet entrepreneur with businesses that include BecomeA Blogger.comGetYourVideoOnline.com and KillerYouTubeStrategies.com. He specialises in online video marketing and certainly has a lot to teach authors and writers.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How Gideon got started as an entrepreneur, writing self-published books as well as publishing very successful ebooks using internet marketing to spread the word online. He has spent several years working out how he could make money online, and has now committed to using online video.
  • Why video is so important for online marketing. It can give you fantastic traffic to your main blog and get people really engaged into your product. You can use it to build an email list very fast and it can be a primary traffic source. YouTube is the no. 1 video site.
  • Tips for people who are not so comfortable with being on video. You could use screen capture for your videos e.g. with slideshows or other information. Using video with yourself starring is awkward at first, but it gets easier over time. No one likes their own voice or the way they look, but you will get used to it and you will get results!
  • Video can be quite basic. You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment and in fact, the more authentic, the better on a site like YouTube. So keep it simple.
  • Create an authority channel on YouTube. If you post regular, quality content on a topic then you will get a following and you will rank in your niche. For this amount of leverage, you do need focus. If you are into video, this can be a good approach. But even if you don’t want to completely focus on video, it is still a good idea to have some videos to make your site multi-media.
  • It is easier to dominate on a video based blog than a text based blog so video can get you a lot more exposure. People buy from people that they like and online video can make a great impression.
  • Video demographics. It’s not just teenagers anymore! (Watchers of my channel are aged 45-64). YouTube is also on the growth curve and the mainstream is expected to come online in 2012. Now is the time to be on video in order to take advantage of the future.
  • Easy and free/cheap ways to get online. Free site Screenr.com allows you to do screen capture. You can also buy Screenflow for Mac, or Camtasia for the PC. For quick and cheap recording, try the Flip Ultra HD (and some tips for using it).
  • A couple of killer YouTube strategies. It is a social network so you do need to interact, leave comments and friend people. Also, use a long keyword rich description as well as tags (the description box is longer than you think!) It is also better to do more frequent, shorter videos i.e. under 3 mins.

You can connect with Gideon and sign up for his free report at his blog GideonShalwick.com , at his YouTube channel and also on Twitter @GideonShalwick

You can download the transcript in PDF format here => Gideon Shalwick Transcript

OR/ Click right to Show the transcript of the podcast =>show

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  1. says

    Hi Joanna, Have you ever considered transcribing your podcasts as well? They all look so interesting, but it’s hard to make time to sit down and listen to a podcast, especially if it shows up in my reader at work. Text is much easier to go over quickly, and I’ve also heard it gives you an SEO bump.

  2. says

    I just listened to this on the train to work this morning. I’m a big fan of Gideon and he gives out some great info in this interview. Thanks Joanna and Gideon, nice work.

  3. Steve says

    As a blog reader, I neither listen to podcasts nor watch videos. One reason is because my only access to such things is at work via a desktop internet connection. The other is that it’s harder to manage time in audio or video than it is in text. One can read text fast or slow. Video or audio takes however long it takes and there’s no good way to speed it up. This is a real minus if you’re trying to manage information per unit time.

    Of course, these considerations are probably different for many others.


    • says

      Hi Steve, yes, you are right which is why I always add text to my audio and video so you get a good overview. I like having a multimedia blog though and it makes it worthwhile for people who like different mediums of learning. I personally learn a lot from my own audios :)
      As above from Livia, I will look at transcription.
      Thanks, Joanna

  4. Gwynneth Beasley says

    Love the ideas here! Social Identities is pimping my youtube channel as we speak so I can video blog all the way. I loved making my author video. By the 10th take I felt like I was making myself much more genuine than I could in an About Me page of text.

    I am wondering though – does putting a lot of video on your blog slow the blog down for readers? I hate waiting for blogs to load up with photos etc!

    • Steve says

      I once made the mistake of embedding a number of YouTube music videos on my MySpace page. Although they were hosted o t YouTube, they slowed down and sometimes locked up my browser when I tried to access my profile. And this was just from the embedded graphics in the links!

      This is not dependent on the site, but on the computer which is trying to access the site. An older less powerful computer, or an older browser may be vulnerable to an excess of nigh-bandwidth content (e.g. audio or especially video) on the page. Note, this can occur even of nothing automatically starts playing when the browser hits the page. Stuff that autoplays will be even worse.

      Of course, if your blog is commercial, you can always just go under the assumption that those with the newest and most powerful equipment probably have the most disposable income – I guess that would be Darwinian marketing :)


  5. Ann says

    Hi Joanna,

    your podcasts are great! Maybe the people who want transcriptions might be willing to pay a few dollars for them? Surely you can get a good deal a Elance or Odesk.com.

  6. says

    Occurs to me I heard some SEO advice once where they got transcriptions of podcasts and other audio content (super cheap from overseas) and then copy/paste the text into one of the meta fields for the audio file, and then Google actually crawls and indexes that meta information and helps to rank the audio file for keyword searches.

    Its only what I’ve heard though.

  7. says

    I don’t often listen to podcasts all the way through but the pair of you together made for a very interesting interview, thanks!

  8. Graham Storrs says

    Thanks for pointing me to this, Joanna. Since I started working with a multimedia company as a publisher, my monthly bandwidth allowance was eaten up in one week! I’ve been running at 64Kb/sec since then because I went over the limit. Audio and video are great – if you live in the city. Out here in rural Australia, they just don’t work. Even when I have my “broadband” working, it’s pretty slow. I can’t even stream audio without it stopping every few seconds and video is just out of the question. The people I work with in the States and in Europe just don’t get it. They must think Australia is the Third World. Frankly, so do I sometimes!

  9. says

    I love Gideon! I took Yaro’s course as well and got a lot out of it, except a monetizable blog. I am considering taking a page out of Joanna’s book.
    But I have to have to have time to write or I actually feel horrible.


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