What Information Do You Need Most? Please Help With Quick Survey

Many people ask me for more information on blogging, ebooks, self-publishing, how to use twitter, making video, podcasting and much more. I really love to help and this blog is free as are the podcasts and downloads available, but sometimes this is not enough. People sometimes just want all the info in an easily consumable product.

I currently have a full size online multimedia course with 12 modules which covers all this, Author 2.0, but it is a bit pricey for some people and is also about 6 months of work to get through all of it. So I will soon be offering modular bite size chunks of the course with video, audio and ebooks per subject so people can work through the items they most need information on.

I need to decide which modules to offer first so I would like your help to decide which ones have most interest.

Please could you fill in this VERY brief survey (less than 5 mins) => Click here to complete The Creative Penn Product Survey

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  1. Jill Smith says

    I currently use Facebook and have an occasionally used Vox page but would like to get more info on how to set up a website and start generating links to a blog site that will create valuable links. (the way you have done)

    • says

      Hi Marg, I bought this image from iStockPhoto – you can buy it there as well as lots of other images – so this is not creative commons.
      Thanks, Joanna


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