Podcast: Ebooks Q&A With Joshua Tallent From EBookArchitects

Ebooks are everywhere in 2010 and many people email me asking for more information on what they can do to jump on the wave of digital publishing. I just had to interview Joshua as he is an expert on the biggest platform out there, the Amazon Kindle.

Joshua Tallent is the author of ‘Kindle Formatting” and is a specialist in formatting books for the Kindle and other ebook platforms. He is also the founder of EBookArchitects.com, converting print books into high quality formatted ebooks and taking the pain away from non-techy authors!

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What has changed in the world of ebooks in the last year that has meant the explosion of ebook consumption
  • Why you should care about ebooks as a reader, AND as an author
  • The steps you need to take your Word document and publish it on the Kindle platform
  • The level of technical skill you need to create a Kindle book – and how you can get help if you don’t want to DIY
  • What books are most suitable for ebooks vs print books
  • How children’s books can also be ebooks and which platforms are best for picture books
  • What the best platforms are for publishing ebooks and how you can get started
  • Ideas for selling ebooks on your own website

You can find Joshua at EBookArchitects.com or on Twitter @jtallent

You can download the transcript here => Transcript Joshua Tallent

or read it below the links.

Links from the Intro section:

I now offer a multi-media online short course on how to publish your book on the Kindle, iPad, Nook and other e-readers as well as answers to all your ebook publishing questions. Featuring video, audio and PDF information for only $39.99.

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  1. Monica says

    Hi Joanna,
    Great podcast – thanks for all the new info. I have just found your website and will definetely be visiting often. Just a few questions about today’s podcast – what is the epup (sorry could have that term incorrect !), ibook stores and ipad ???

    I have written an ebook (about 26,000) words and have been working my way thru a resource which I bought online about how to get it up and selling. I have gotten a little ‘bogged down’ with the tech stuff, so found your podcast most helpful, today. Thanks!

    Anyhow, would be grateful for the clarification of the terms above – also did you say you will be cancelling your seminar in Brisbane? Is that the one set for March 21 ???

    Hope your enjoying the cooler change today – I live here in Brissy too and know what you mean about the heat !!

    Thanks Joanna – look forward to more of your posts.

    Kind Regards,

  2. says

    Hi Monica, it was ePub format – it is an ebook publishing standard
    iPad is the new Apple device that came out a few weeks ago
    It comes with an iBooks store, which may be a rival for Amazon and the Kindle, hence why we were discussing it.
    Glad you found the post useful anyway :)
    I have cancelled March 21 as I just have so much on at work and a full days speaking takes a lot out of me. I will be doing a seminar on the Gold Coast in April/May though so I will let you know about that.

    Thanks, Joanna

  3. says

    Hi Joanna;

    Thank you for selecting Joshua and this awesome topic for a podcast.

    I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out how to properly convert my 2 books (“Conquer All Obstacles” & “Premium Promotional Tips for Writers”) into an eBook. Sure, I have the pdf that I can sell on my site, but I was searching for the professional formatting for those downloading Kindle.

    Having heard Joshua’s podcast, having you and Tony recommend him, gives me all the encouragement I need to inquire further.
    Keep up the fabulous work, and I’ll be sure to tune in for future posts.



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    By: Owner & Marketer of Premium Promotional Services,
    Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen


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