Podcast: Self-Publishing, Your Questions Answered with Indie Author April Hamilton

In today’s podcast, I update you on the latest happenings in the publishing world as well as my own writing journey, and I interview April L. Hamilton, the Indie Author, on self-publishing. We specifically answer a number of the questions you asked in the survey.

Podcast Show Notes

This show features an interview with April L. Hamilton. She is the author of several books including “The Indie Author Guide“, a blogger and an outspoken advocate for the indie author movement. April is also the founder of Publetariat.com, a site for indie authors, as well as the Publetariat Vault matching self-published authors with agents, and the Vault University.

Links from my introductory section:

In the podcast interview with April Hamilton you will learn:

  • How April has combined indie authorship (independent self-publishing) with being picked up by Writer’s Digest for a publishing deal
  • How authors Stephen Covey, J A Konrath and Piers Anthony have embraced self-publishing for e-books – successful mainstream authors moving to a self-publishing model

April also answers these questions submitted by readers of the blog:

  • How has self-publishing changed recently and is the stigma of self-publishing still applicable?
  • How does self-publishing affect your chances of getting a publishing deal?
  • Where do you recommend people find quality freelancers for editing, cover design and page-setting etc?
  • It is worth it to go down the self-publishing route? (in terms of sales and other less tangible reasons)

You can find more information about April Hamilton at her main site here. You can also follow her on Twitter @indieauthor

You can read the Indie Author guide for free online here. (It is being published in a revised and updated edition by Writer’s Digest Fall 2010). You can also find out more about the Cruise here.

You can download the transcript in PDF here => April Hamilton transcript

You can also read it online by clicking Show right => show

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    I haven’t listened to this yet, but I plan to. And will probably end up buying the book, too. I self-pubbed my first two YA book thru my own company. When I closed my company, I needed to find a new “home” for them. They were accepted at Booklocker. That was last year. They’ve since been reissued with new book covers.


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