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It’s my 1 year Anniversary for The Creative Penn! I’m going to be writing some round up posts over the Christmas period, so I want to focus on preparing next year right now. I LOVE being useful, so I want to know how I can best help you in 2010 with this site.

bothbooksPlease do the following quick survey and enter your top question/idea for a post/podcast.

Click here to take the survey now and be in to win the Book Package

It won’t take long and you will go into the draw to win a book package – print copies of “From Idea to Book” AND “From Book to Market“.

The winner will be announced next week on the blog along with a round up of the most useful comments, with attribution if you include your name and URL/twitter ID.


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  1. says

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Thank you so much for all your great advice and guidance and hard work maintaining the blog. Seasons Greetings to you! Have a happy and safe (and restful) festive season.


  2. says

    Every moment brings new milestones and we are grateful you focus creative energy on empowering so many people. Thanks for all you do, all the inspiration you send out and may this season reinforce inner joy

  3. Aleem Syed says

    Thanks for your kind efforts I am working on a Film story for some time the story is complete but it needs lot of fine-tuning and treatment of characters I am also looking for a sreenwriter to coop with me on this.

    This lady below is a non-fiction writer aspirant.


  4. says

    I really enjoy your blogs and site in general. I have listened to some of your free interviews and also enjoy them. Who knows, next year I may scrape the money together to join your program! In the meantime, congratulations on your anniversary and good work.

  5. says

    Thanks all for your congratulations! and thanks for doing the survey!

    Jacqui, I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and the interviews. I am educating myself along the way so I enjoy doing it all, and I love to be useful!

  6. says

    Quick and easy quiz. Just right for breakfast table.

    My main thought is that I need to read more of you.

    Congrats. This is a great time to have you helping us out. It’s tough all round: only the tough keep going…
    Oh congrats, and have a fine holiday too … (I think you’re in countdown)

  7. says


    I read your blog all the time. I’m not one for comments…but I thought I’d stick my nose in here. Just ignore me if it’s totally off track!!

    Here are some ways I feel you could help me and others in the future:
    – Explaining the types of publishing and how to tell if it’s a scam or vanity publishing.
    – Explain the process of publishing different ways (online, paperback, with an agent etc).
    – How to write a letter to an agent or editor.
    – How to know if an editor is right for you.
    – Cover design stuff maybe?
    – What to do if someone wants to make your book into a movie. Seriously, I worry about that. I want it to happen but there’s things I don’t want changed for the sake of Hollywood…so advice from people who’d been there would be great.
    – Maybe take a new direction and talk about parts of a story, rather than what to do when you’re done? Like:
    – whether introductions are needed.
    – what backstory is and when it’s appropriate.
    – what types of characters are used.
    – what tense is best to write in.
    – how to create a plot/storyline
    – how to be consistent and keep track of your storyline.
    – how to edit effectively
    – how to begin the story (I know way too many people who have issues with that, and sometimes even I do).
    – how to end a story (I don’t have issues with that, but some people do).
    – how to start a “part two” or sequel.
    – how to create rising action and a climax.
    – how to identify what genre your story is, if you have no idea what so ever (you’d be surprised).

    Maybe touch on some myths with writing, like “adverbs” and stuff. That could be pretty cool!

    You might be able to do some stuff on characters too. BunnyRabbitSex has a section dedicated to getting to know your character. It’s full of questions you can ask about your character in order to get to know them better. We also have a roleplay section (down for maintenance) because the more you’re in character the better (more practice). So that’s two ways to get to know your character, they might be useful to you :D.

    But in all seriousness, your blog has been great. I’ve only started reading it like this year, but it’s really helped me and opened my eyes to some things. I came into this industry knowing *nothing* but I had, and still have, the will to learn and your site has been awesome. When someone asks me where to look for help, your site is always on the list – so thanks :).

    Anyway typical me went and wrote an essay, so I’ll stop talking your ear off now!
    @bunnyrabbitsex (Jade Elizabeth)

  8. Chronicles says

    Congrats! Looks like Jade covered plenty (quality) material to keep you busy until next year. I have four blogs and started an association last year this time so I know the struggle for time. In with all that I check your blog once a week and enjoy your willingness to share and assist newbies like myself. My first project is Christian, Non-Fiction (and being self-published) but who knows maybe I will transform some of them into fiction characters…Your insight along with those successfully making it as writers really helps me understand what it takes. I have taken some of your ideas and saved them to my Favs for future use. Professional writing is a craft that has to be developed so I appreciate any help I get because I am doing it alone and “blind” to the profession.

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