Must Listen Audio: Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood on Podcasting to Publishing Success

Seth Harwood

Seth Harwood

Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler

This is a fantastic audio of the talk that best-selling authors Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood gave at the Writer’s Digest Conference in September.

I highly recommend you download this and have a listen, especially if you are not convinced by podcasting yet.

Click for the link and download as mp3 => Create your own free serialised audiobook and build an audience

Here are some of the top tips I loved from the presentation:

  • Scott and Seth outline their journey to success using podcasting full length novels for free online – inspirational guys!
  • Story-telling is an ancient form of communication and still just as effective. Podcasting is just serialising audiobooks with a subscription feed over the internet. You can reach more people this way!
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a long term platform building and audience building technique that will eventually pay off with fans and sales if you persist. But then, writing is a lifelong adventure so why not start now!
  • Reasons why podcasting your own books is so powerful, and why you don’t need a professional to read your books. Your amateur voice brings the story to life in the best way possible.
  • How to integrate your podcast into your blog, social networking and other platform building activities so you are not over-stretched
  • Tips and Q&A on how to podcast including equipment

Scott and Seth have a course they run called Author BootCamp which will set you up as a podcaster. They also recommend for publishing and also listening to podcast novels.

You can also listen to their novels for free here: Scott’s podcasts …. and Seth’s podcasts

I have been converted to podcast novels, and if you want to try some, here are a few I’ve enjoyed recently:

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  1. Helen Buckley says

    Wow, talk about seven degrees of seperation – amongst the cast of Philippa Ballantine’s Weather Child is Tee Morris. Over the past few years, Tee has run a workshop for writers translating novels to stageplays with Lani Tupu. Lani played Captain Crais in the sci fi show Farscape and is ultimately responsible for starting me off as a writer.

    And I write articles on Crais for the Parsec Award-winning podcast ScapeCast.

    I’m tremendously amused.

  2. says

    I’ve been using Audacity to record my podcasts, but when I convert from a WAV file to an MP3 file, the sound gets distorted. It’s not that bad, but I’d like it to sound better. I might have found the solution to this problem, but if it turns out I haven’t, could you recommend a good MP3 maker program to use? I don’t mind buying one.

  3. says

    Hey Ruth Ann,
    I create a .wav from Audacity, then Add the File to iTunes – right click to convert to .mp3 and that works a treat.
    I am now also putting it through Levelator (google it) which equalises the sound. It is free like iTunes.
    Then I just upload the .mp3 as the podcast file.
    All good!
    Hope that helps – I am going to update Author 2.0 in the next month so this will go in there too.
    Thanks, Joanna

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