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    Hi – loved the video!

    I looked into print and demand stuff a few years ago as my father-in-law was using it but as I primarily wanted to do my children’s stories ran into problems with coloured pictures and even just line drawings for that matter!

    My friend is currently using Lulu to great affect though is worried that it will stop it ever being bought by a big publisher in future!

    Having just been stung by a small publishing company here in the Uk I am once again looking at self publishing. Thanks for the information :)

    And would you mind if I do an post about this and link you with a technology blog I write copy for?

    Thankyou for your time

    And thanks again.


  2. admin says

    Hi Sarah, Of course, I would love to be in one of your posts so please go ahead!
    I also use and think they are pretty good – others recommend CreateSpace.
    For kids books which I think have to be photobased because of the illustrations (?) then maybe try as well. I have heard good things about them too.
    As for a trad publishing deal, if you are successful, then self-pub will not stop you getting picked up. Check out Christopher Paolini who self-pubbed before getting picked up, or Lisa Genova’s Still Alice – recent examples, but lots more! Better to self-pub and have a go than query for years and not have anything happen!
    Thanks, Joanna

  3. Linda C. Thomas says

    You are so lovely and kind. Thank you for your great advice. I so badly needed direction. You are the first person to show just how to get through this maze and do so with ease and style.

    Most Sincerely,
    Linda in Oregon

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    Great video and also great to know you’re in Australia like me. I’ve been drawn to research self-publishing but I wondered how you deal with getting an ISBN as an Australian author using a US service? Are there any issues or do you have any recommendations?

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      Hi Donna,
      I have actually just moved back to the UK but have been in Oz for 4 years. You can get ISBNs from here
      I just bought 10 of them and they assign everytime. It’s very easy and cheap I thought. You can then just use that ISBN when you submit your book on Amazon in Kindle or print format.
      I hope that helps. Thanks, Joanna

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    Wow that was a quick reply! Thanks so much that is exactly what I was looking for and it’s onky $80 for 10! Much cheaper than I expected! Thanks again. I’ll be doing a lot more reading of your site!

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    Great info and video! I signed up with Lightning Source and although I’m just starting my journey with them, I feel excited for the future. POD is a wonderful solution for the self-pub author!


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