Podcast: Joanna Penn on How Publishing Has Changed and How Authors Must Change Too

Joanna PennRecently I have launched the Author 2.0 Blueprint, which is packed with information on how to use Web 2.0 tools to write, publish, sell and promote your book. I am VERY excited about the opportunities for authors right now and I am passionate about getting the information out there!

This morning I was interviewed about the Blueprint and some of the amazing changes in the publishing industry by the wonderfully enthusiastic Kim Wulfert. Kim’s audience is people who want to write about quilting, so some of the examples are about quilting, but the information is valid for anyone who wants to write a book, publish and promote on the internet.

The talk is around a slideshow which you can download here => Interview Slides

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • My story – from a dream of writing a book, to publishing on Amazon and changing my own life through writing and self-publishing
  • Changes in the publishing industry right now: Global financial crisis, Print-on-demand, ebooks,  mobile devices, Scribd, Kindle, Smashwords,  – so much going on!
  • Here is the Espresso Book Machine video mentioned
  • Google publishing ebooks – latest news!
  • Publishing your own book on sites like Blurb.com, Lulu and more
  • What is an online platform, why do publishers want you to have one
  • How some authors have got book deals based on their online platforms – podcasting, social media
  • How Gary Vaynerchuk got a 10 book deal with Harper Studio
  • Why you should use an editor for self-publishing
  • How you can use video to demonstrate your expertise for visual arts – record a quick video, put in on YouTube and grow your audience in your niche
  • How you can self-publish a book with great quality photos, plus an ebook plus online tools to go with the book
  • Why you should have a blog, and how you can have a book in 6 months of blogging
  • Why podcasting is just like old time radio audiobooks – now, anyone can do it!
  • For the very latest in publishing, follow me on Twitter
  • The Author 2.0 model explained – and more on this video here

Author 2.0 BlueprintRemember to get your Author 2.0 Blueprint here! Thanks Kim for your great interview!

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  1. […] You can download the Blueprint for free here, as well as getting bonus audios and a video. You can also see behind the scenes of the course and read all about the detail here. You can also listen to a podcast I did about the course here. […]

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