The Author 2.0 Model Explained

author20-modelIn the Author 2.0 Blueprint, I include this model. It represents the way authors need to use their online presence to build their platform, generate interest in themselves and ultimately, sell more books.

The central point is the Internet Hub which may be a website or blog. This is where you bring people to with various means of traffic, and you also sell from here. The top part of the diagram contains the traffic mechanisms – ways to draw people to you. The methods generally won’t cost you much and will be free for people to access. This freemium model is a core concept in today’s internet.

The bottom part represents where you write, sell and publish your books and information as well as other ways of making money.

The model is explained in more detail in the video below. I talk about all the aspects of the model and show you some examples of the people using it.

If you haven’t got your free Author 2.0 Blueprint yet, you can get it here.


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  1. Chelec Fields says

    Thank you…. so much information Author 2.0 is a God sent for me. You have motivated me to keep going…thank you.

  2. shobhit says

    Quite compressed video presentation on the dynamics of Internet Marketing synced with the Traditional Marketing.

    Would love to hear from you more.


  1. […] sites and video for authors who want to market themselves and their books. This is essentially the Author 2.0 Model where you have a central hub site with lots of ’spokes’ linking to it and bringing you people, […]

  2. […] Yet, I aspire to be a published novelist, and the modern landscape of publishing requires a large degree of self-marketing, particularly via social media. According to the blog The Creative Penn, publisher Simon & Shuster “promote the use of blogs, social media, book sites and video for authors who want to market themselves and their books” (  Joanna Penn (author of The Creative Penn) goes on to explain how this notion is consistent with a model she created called Author 2.0, in which the author’s website/blog is the central hub where readers are directed through various avenues of internet traffic and marketed to from there ( […]

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