Podcast: Heather Wallace on Print-on-Demand and Online Marketing

Print-on-Demand is a fantastic development in the publishing industry because it allows authors to publish with a lower cost of entry, more control and often, more profit than traditional printing/self-publishing. Latest statistics from Bowker show Print-on-demand titles actually exceeding traditionally printed books in 2008. Wow!

pod publicityToday’s podcast is with Heather Wallace, blogger, web developer and author of “POD Publicity: How to take a Print-on-Demand book from obscurity to profitability”

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What is print-on-demand and why is it such a great development for self-publishers?
  • The reasons you should use Print-on-Demand
  • What are the different companies involved and which ones are recommended
  • How much Print on Demand will cost you (is it really free?)
  • How authors can design their book for the online marketplace
  • 3 top tips for online marketing
  • Some of the tools you can use on Amazon.com to promote your book
  • How to find sites for book reviews
  • Why you should send reviewers ebook versions of your book
  • Why podcast interviews are great vehicles to promote your book
  • Two recommended sites for social networking – Shelfari and LibraryThing
  • How Heather got Dan Poynter to write the foreword to her book
  • Last recommendations for authors considering print-on-demand – you can hold your book in your hand!

You can find Heather at The Original Copy Shop where her book is available as an ebook.

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