Publishing: 82 brilliant links for writers, authors and publishers

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1) thinking of self-publishing? be inspired by John Kremer’s Self Pub Hall of Fame
2) The publishing quadrant: where do you belong?
3) Make Waves Online to Create a Path to Print Publication
4) interesting interview with self-pub author
5)zombie mashup author gets 2 book deal
6)end of the week publishing links
7) self publishing in the blogosphere
8) Where’s The Bailout For Publishing?
9) I’m tired of hearing about Kindle! Kindle Kindle Kindle!
10) #Underfail: Rise of the Agents
11) Thanks to Query Letter Survivors, Plus Free Resources
12) E-book idea was lit a long time ago
13) Still Alice success story on CNN.
14) A Campaign to Organize Against DRM
15) Kindle rival on the way from Barnes & Noble? Fictionwise involved? Or maybe Plastic Logic?
16) Adobe Teams Up With Stanza to Create Open EBook Catalog Standard
17) Articles on Self-Publishing: The Need for Balance
18) Your Queries Say a Lot About You
19) The four secrets to getting (traditionally) published
20)Amazon Kindle: You only “rent” the content, you don’t own it
21) Has self-publishing come of age? – feature in The Bookseller –
22) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ‘mash-up’ becomes unexpected bestseller
23) Audiobooks make return as BBC sees 1m downloads
24) Why the Lack of a Jeff Bezos Dooms Mainstream Publishing
25) My Road to Getting Published by authonomy author
26) In support of literary agents:
27) Consumer Watchdog protests Google settlement
28) More authors turn to Web and print-on-demand publishing
29) What Can Publishers Learn from Nine Inch Nails?
30) Amazon PR: You CAN include your book title in a review signature
31) Don’t Write Off Books
32) The Absurdity of DRM
33) a great defence of self-publishing (as if it needs it in 2009!)
34) self published author gets on Oprah!
35) Of Plagues, Publishers And The Angel Of Death
36) Today a Boycott, Tomorrow a Revolution (Amazon)
37) consolidation of self-publishing companies (already!)
38) Publishing and ebooks: 37 great links
39) Self publishing as a threat to niche
40) Is This the Future of the Digital Book? (a vook?)
41) Agentfail: a Response from a Non-Failing Agent
42) A No-Fail Zone
43) Here’s a fascinating look at ebook technology
44) Is the Amazon Kindle bad for the book publishing industry? One author thinks so:
45) Interview with editor of The Self Publishing Magazine
46) Publishers offer 8 free digital books including 70 solutions to common writing mistakes:
47) midlist author on the truth about publicity budgets
48) what is publishing 2.0 and why is it good news?
49) How independent publishing will save literature from the recession
50) Should You Create a Kindle Book? An Author’s Guide
51) Financial Post says ‘as electronic readers have become more popular so have regular books’
52) Apples iPhone 3.0 A Tipping Point for a Beleaguered Publishing Industry?’
53) Must read for those in publishing: Thoughts on eContent, Free Content and Pricing Model
 by @JWikert:
54) 5 Questions to Ask Yourself After Hearing: We Can’t Sell Enough to Justify Publishing It
55) Have Ebooks Already Gone Mainstream?
56) Why Google Book Search Is A GOOD Thing For Indies
57) How E-Books Make (A Lot Of) Cents
58) Amazon Customers Boycotting eBooks over $9.99 (mine is under $1! )
59) Video: How Gary Vaynerchuk built a platform
and attracted a 10 book deal
60) Poddy Mouth Speaks! An Interview with the Original POD Reviewer
61) 10 things to expect from an agent
62) glossary of book publishing terms (giggle!)
63) #agentfail – check out the comments
64) Concerns over piracy are the least of our worries over ebooks #ebooks
65) Mills & Boon falls for social networking (they sell a book every 6.6 seconds!)
66) review: 50 benefits of ebooks
67) on getting noticed by the publishing industry
68) Gary Vaynerchuk, In Print
69) Great piece on publishing by @indieauthor on TeleRead:
70) e-Books: destined for history’s dustbin?
71) 50 benefits of ebooks – BRILLIANT book! a must read for #authors & #publishers (only $1)
72) E-books continue to grow significantly, sales reached $113 million in 2008, up 68.4%.
73) Thoughts on e-readers and the self-publishing revolution.
74) The Dream of an Instant Book and espresso book machine trip
75) Self-Published Novel Wins Major Literary Award
77) want to know about alternatives to trad publishing? read these blogs
78) A 13-year-old boy tells the publishing industry what teens want.
79) What Publishers Need to Learn from Software Developers
80) Robert Kiyosaki Invites Reader Collaboration on His Latest Book
81) “If any industry deserves to go under, it’s the publishing industry”
82) The future of publishing: as frightening as any Stephen King story?


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