Podcast: Dale Beaumont on being an Author Entrepreneur

Dale Beaumont is the best-selling Australian author of 15 books in the “Secrets Exposed” series. He is also a speaker and entrepreneur, as well as a mentor for young people through his Tomorrow’s Youth program.

Dale BeaumontIn this podcast, Dale talks about his journey, how he managed to write 11 books in just one year as well as how to make a living from your book by turning it into a series and leveraging other products from it. Dale shares more of this information in his “Get Published Secrets” program.

Show Notes:

  • How Dale wrote his first book at 19 and went on to write 15 more before the age of 27, including 11 in one year
  • Why writing compilation books is a good business model utilising multiple networks for content and promotion, and how you can do it too
  • Which book taught Dale the most personally
  • Why Dale chose the self publishing route for all his books
  • Why authors need to be entrepreneurs as well as writers
  • Why publishers want authors who will promote their own book
  • How to develop confidence by repetition and practice (for speaking about your book)
  • How self belief can overcome any excuses – you can make it happen!
  • How to connect with high profile people to include in your book/product
  • How to use your book to create other products to make multiple streams of income
  • What the “Get Published Secrets” program is and how it can benefit authors – see more here
  • How Tomorrow’s Youth is helping young people
  • 3 top tips for book promotion

Dale Beaumont and Joanna Penn

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  1. says

    Dale’s story is simply inspirational. Many youth and individuals of other age groups are discouraged because of the state of the economy. Dale reminds people not to lose hope and that creative power can turn everything around really quick!


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