Publishing 2.0 News: Jan 27 2009

Here are some of the interesting things on the blogs and news this week

· New York Times article about using websites for books – the guy who designs for the top selling authors – maybe pick up some ideas here? And The Book Publicity Blog on what NOT to have on your website

· For authors who now have Twitter and a blog, here are 10 ways you can integrate Twitter into your blog/website – get more traffic, sell more books!

· Writing articles and submitting them through EzineArticles is a great way to get promotion, but you can also use them for press releases tootips for press releases here

· 100 novels everyone should read – not my opinion!

· Sydney Writers Centre offers remote online courses in creative writing, magazine writing, Reinvent yourself and coaching

· Joe Wikert was such a fan of Kindle he started a blog on them, but now he is only a click away from abandoning it for the iPhone – the iPhone has Stanza ereader which includes Smashwords as a catalogue – you can get your book for sale easily and quickly on the iPhone!

· If you are struggling with the amount of information available to you, then get the Free audio and guide to Get Published Secrets from Dale Beaumont, who wrote 15 books in 2 years after being rejected by publishers.

· Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is using a collaborative writing approach for this new book “Conspiracy of the Rich”

· A critical look at query letters for agents – pick up some tips on how you approach them – and why you might need an agent


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