Book Promotion: Examples of compilation books

Compilation books present authors with a great opportunity for book and self promotion. Here are 5 reasons you should get into a compilation book…and below are some compilation books that are great examples.

“Chicken Soup for the Soul” series – Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

There are now over 200 titles in the “Chicken Soup” series, each one made up of stories from people that inspire readers globally. The books have sold over 112 million copies in 40 languages. That is an amazing book series! People can submit stories from their own experience and can be featured in the books if selected by a panel of reviewers and editors.

“Secrets of… Exposed” Series – Dale Beaumont

Dale is an inspirational entrepreneur and his “Secrets of” series has certainly helped me! I got into internet marketing after I read his compilation book “Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed”. His winning formula is to have certain questions answered by all participants in the book. They also have a resource page where you can learn more about the individuals involved. Dale has also made his books into a brilliant online resource offering interviews with some of the top coaches, leaders and authors in the world. There is a free 21 day trial of his membership site where you can get access to ALL the “Secrets of” books as well as audio, video and downloads on topics like personal development, internet marketing and inspirational success stories.  I have just watched a fantastic video of Richard Branson talking about his business and his life – he is one inspirational man!

and here are 2 compilation books that I have written sections for:

Living an Abundant Life – Sandy Forster (one of the Inspired Spirit series)

This book has a range of authors from well known greats to new authors like myself. This one includes Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup and The Success Principles), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup and One Minute Millionaire), Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God), Brian Tracy (Eat that Frog), Sandy Forster (How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast) and Dr Wayne Dyer. (Change your thoughts, Change your life) The stories are inspirational and themed around the Law of Attraction. There is more information on “Living an Abundant Life” here. You can also be in one the Inspired Spirit books yourself – check out more information here.

Tales and Secrets from Female Entrepreneurs – Sarah Prout (one of the Sprout the Life you Love series)

This book is based on stories from global businesswomen, including well-known names such as Poppy King, Gala Darling and Arielle Ford as well as up and coming entrepreneurs like myself. More information on the book here. You can also be in one of these books – more information here.

If you know of other opportunities to be in compilation books, please do let me know!


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  1. says

    Hi Laurie,
    You can approach people directly e.g. I was approached about writing a piece for a book on the Kindle. Most people who are experts in their area would be keen to respond. You can find people by Google, or Blog search or via other books people have written. Or you can use a service like for twitter experts.

    Otherwise, you can put out a notice in writers magazines/online forums for people to call you/email their details.
    It’s certainly a great model of writing a book.

    Thanks, Joanna

  2. says

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Thank you so much for your advice.

    If you haven’t checked out our website yet, please do. It’s a work-in-progress and I would be curious to hear what you think about the project.

    Once again, thank you for your time.


  3. Sarah A. says

    Hello! I just found your blog while searching for information on publishing a compilation. I have an idea for a compilation book and already have several contributors lined up (informally…have just discussed the idea), but I’m not sure where to start. (Do you pay contributors in advance? Who takes care of the paperwork/legal issues…editor or publisher? Do I contact a publisher with my idea and then start rounding up the contributions?) If you have already discussed this, could you point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for all the information on your site…it’s very helpful and fun to read!

    • says

      Hi Sarah,
      There are lots of different ways to do a compilation from soliciting stories and choosing the best via a competition – see Amazon bestseller Machine of Death here
      Mostly people just get published so you take the risk and reward. They get paid some or may not get paid at all.
      Or you can get people to contribute financially and do it as a collective. There are many models.
      I mainly deal with independent publishing so I’m not sure of approaching a publisher with an idea for this, but I have heard anecdotally that collections are not favored by big publishers unless they are by famous people.
      All the best for your book, Joanna


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