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Writing a book can change your life …

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… whatever genre it is or whoever it is written for. If you want to take writing more seriously, it can become your career, as it has done for me.

Here are some key articles and resources on writing based on frequently asked questions and my own experiences. Just click on the links under the headings below.

Getting Started

You Have Permission

On Writing And The Fear Of Judgment

How To Write More And Create A Daily Writing Habit

Productivity For Writers And Taking Writing Seriously

5 Ways To Get Your First Draft Material Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page

editing arkane

My rewrites and edits for Pentecost

Writing A Book: What Happens After The First Draft?

Resilience: How To Deal With Criticism And Rejection With Mark McGuinness

Scrivener: 3 Reasons You Should Use It For Your Book

On changing your life, writing and marketing a book with Joanna Penn

How to write your first book with Joanna Penn

Recommended Book For Creatives: Turning Pro By Steven Pressfield

Writing Fiction

Story Engineering with Larry Brooks

9 Easily Preventable Mistakes Writers Make with Dialogue

Writing Fantasy: A Short Guide To The Genre

dialogueWriting Authentic Crime: How To Get Away With Murder.

Writing Metaphor, Memorable Characters And Horror With Chuck Wendig

20 Tips for Writing Lovable Romance Novel Heroes

Writing Historical Fiction

Writing A Series: 7 Continuation Issues To Avoid

In the last five years, I’ve written five novels and two non-fiction books, but a few years ago, I had TheCreativePenn_Course Buttons5nothing! You’ll be encouraged to see how clueless I was when I started, so click here to see the journey of my first novel Pentecost – from idea to launch and then to finding an agent.

If you want more help with writing a novel, check out this multimedia course with author of 11 novels, Roz Morris. We cover everything from idea to first draft, then editing to your final manuscript, plus my own lessons learned as a new novelist.

Writing Non-Fiction

Nine Things You Need to Know Before You Write Your Non-Fiction Book

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Memoir

JournalsHow to write and publish a book to promote your business [90 min video]

Top Audios on Writing

Writing Fiction: Bring Your Characters To Life With Roz Morris

Writing, Illustrating And Marketing Books For Kids With Katie Davis

Writing And Publishing Using Scrivener With Gwen Hernandez

Writing Thrillers And Adventures In Publishing With Boyd Morrison

Build A Fulltime Writing Career Slowly With Lindsay Buroker

Wired For Story. Using Brain Science To Hook Readers With Lisa Cron

Writing About Death And Crime Scenes With Garry Rodgers

Writing Tips: Guns, Bullets And Shooting With J. Daniel Sawyer

notebookAward Winning Literary Fiction And Transmedia With Kate Pullinger

Writing Epic Fantasy And Being A Pro Author With Michael Sullivan

Tips for writing novels and NaNoWriMo with Mur Lafferty

How to be a NY Times bestselling author with Scott Sigler

Killing the sacred cows of publishing with Dean Wesley Smith

Inspiration for authors on resilience, accepting criticism and being an introvert with Clare Edwards

Writing your life story with Jo Parfitt

Writing thrillers and publishing success for 7th Son with JC Hutchins

Writing supernatural themes and fight scenes with Alan Baxter 

Travel writing and achieving outrageous goals with Alastair Humphreys 

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