On Becoming A Multimedia Creative Producer. Joanna Penn Interviewed By Greg McQueen.

You may have noticed that I use a lot of multimedia in my content.

There are text articles but I also use audio and video to make the information come alive. I believe that multimedia helps us stand out in a sea of millions of other blogs. In addition, few authors are willing to put their face and voice online, or they don’t know how to, so it is a way to connect with new fans.

If the cornerstone of authentic marketing is that people need to know, like and trust you, then surely seeing your body language, your smile and hearing your voice is a critical component.

In this video, Greg McQueen interviews me about being a transmedia (or multimedia) producer. I hope you find this interesting if multimedia is something you are keen on trying. Click here for the video on YouTube. There is also an audio download and text post below the video.

Audio => MultiMediaInterview.mp3

How I got started in multimedia production and podcasting.

I wrote my first book back in 2008 and was hugely disappointed to find I couldn’t sell any copies. Basically, I didn’t know anything about marketing so no one even knew I existed! So I went on a 6 month campaign to learn about online marketing. I also wanted to target the US, a huge market compared to Australia, or even Britain. I discovered blogging and podcasting at that point. I learned mainly from Yaro Starak from EntrepreneursJourney.com. I started the podcast to learn from other people but also so I would have something of value to share with an online audience. It’s just snowballed from there.

  • How I started with podcasting.

The very first interview I did was with a breakout author of a cookbook so it was a big deal, but all I had was a handheld recorder that I held by the phone which I put on speakerphone. I didn’t have a clue at that point. I edited in Audacity and the Blubrry plugin for WordPress. The need to share was greater than the need to get a load of expensive kit. I started where I was and then expanded over time. This is a good way to start.

  • How long did it take for any traffic? I mention Entreproducer.com and that I am good at content production but terrible at stats. But it certainly took a year of the blog to get any real attention and the podcast took the same. It took 2 years to get decent traffic and I went fulltime as an author-entrepreneur at almost 3 years. This is why it’s critical to do this for a topic you are passionate about. It doesn’t matter what the result is as I am still enjoying it and it’s not a chore. I would do it if no one was listening!

On creating video

  • I went into video when Google bought YouTube and because the technology for voice recognition was expanding so it will impact search engine optimization. Not many authors put their face out there, I’m an introvert but not shy, so I can stand out this way. I also do video interviews when I do my podcasts. So I can create multiple content types from one interview.
  • Transmedia implies that all modalities have the same importance. I use video, audio, text as well as social media, plus I write books. I consider all of things important as people will find you from different modalities. There is a different audience for the podcast than there is for the text based posts. People who watch video may not listen to the audio. I also make sure the content can be found by writing a text based post for search engine optimization as well as releasing the multimedia.
  • I talk about some free platforms like BlogCastFM which enables you to do free audio but you don’t own the content or the hosting. You have no control. When you own the content, no one can delete them. If you rely on one site that you don’t have control over, and then that site goes downhill or bankrupt, you may lose your content. It may cost a bit more to self-host but it is empowering and you have more freedom.
  • On the amount of time it all takes. I was working full-time when I started doing the multimedia stuff and it did take crazy times. I used to do interviews at 5am before work. It is about priorities and for me, this is worth it. For me, the interviews are about building relationships and this can pay off in the future with social karma. I also get great content that gives me traffic. If I write a text post, I only get one benefit but it doesn’t compare to the interaction I get with multimedia. It probably takes 3 – 3.5 hours for each show.

How to find content to produce

  • The ideas are endless when you have a topic you’re passionate about! Most of my interviews are people I meet on Twitter. I give an example of how I recently met a couple of people on twitter and how I can use their expertise on the blog. It snowballs but when you start out, just ask people as most people will say yes as they like to have some marketing! It’s always important to tie the content to your niche. Everything I do ties to writing, publishing and book marketing.
  • My top advice: If you find a topic you like, don’t stop. Keep on going and you will build up a big backlist over time. People are finding me now and downloading all the past episodes. They become real fans if they listen to 60+ hours of your voice. So it’s worth it, hang in there and keep going. You will get better over time!
  • I mention Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation which is probably my favorite podcast. He has been going for years and indeed the people who persist over time are the people who are truly successful online. There’s a threshold where you can make a living at this. On fiction podcasting, like Scott Sigler and Dan Sawyer.
  • On how much fun this is!

If you’re interested in creating multimedia, I’ll be releasing a new course on this in the coming months. If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll be notified as I will announce it here first.

Thanks to Greg McQueen for the interview. I also interviewed Greg a while back on multimedia publishing and book marketing for 100 stories for Haiti.

Do you create multimedia? Do you consume it? Is there a place for multimedia? Please do let me know what you think in the comments.