How To Love Your Job Or Find A New One

If you are unhappy with your day job, you’re not alone!

How to love your job or find a new one by Joanna PennI spent 13 years as an IT business consultant and tried many other things along the way. In the depths of misery, I wrote the first incarnation of this book in 2008. I was desperate to understand what was wrong. I wanted to love my work or find something more fulfilling, but I didn’t know how to start.

Joanna PennFour years later, I am now a full-time author-entrepreneur. I write fiction, speak professionally and sell multimedia courses teaching authors about online business. I love what I do every day!

So I wanted to rewrite and re-release this book with updated material in order to share some of what I have learned along the way.

This book is written honestly, from my heart.

I was desperately unhappy in my job and I know many of you are too. I share a lot of my personal story with you in this book, so I hope it helps.

There’s also a free workbook downloadable below so you can print and write your answers to the questions posed in the book.

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Free Workbook

Here’s the free 81 page workbook. It’s Creative Commons so please do share. => LoveJobWorkbook.PDF

If you’re having problems with that link, you can also download it here.

Table of Contents

Part 1: I hate my job
1) Identifying the problem
2) The results of an unhappy workplace- stress, depression and weight gain

Part 2: How to improve your current situation
3) Develop yourself
4) Coping with stress at work
5) Being valued and appreciated
6) Escaping the trap
7) Making money … and keeping hold of it
8) Being creative
9) Escape is sometimes necessary

Part 3: How to change your career
10) What do you really want to do?
11) Entrepreneurship or working for yourself
12) The Career Change Process
13) Setting and achieving your goals
14) Your Challenge … Your Future

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** Packed with strategies, tips and personal stories that will help you find the work you love. **