How To Write Fight Scenes Masterclass With Alan Baxter

2015 – Sorry – these courses have been discontinued after several years of happy customers! You can find much of the information in my books for authors here.

If you write any kind of action in your book (or you want to), you will absolutely benefit from this multimedia masterclass with author and martial arts instructor Alan Baxter.

The masterclass includes over 80 minutes of information packed teaching in video, audio and slide format.

It will help you improve your fight scenes for your novel so the reader is drawn into the realistic events and taken along into your fictional world.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to shorten your sentences and use effective word choice to make a fight scene more realistic
  • How to write a fight scene from different gender perspectives
  • Writing reactions instead of action and how that affects the way the reader experiences the fight
  • How to write about the different senses during a fight scene
  • Why footwork and movement are so important in a fight
  • Why fighting is responding to chaos and how you incorporate that into your book
  • What types of blows would different characters use in what situations?
  • How does someone with training fight and how can you make those scenes realistic?
  • How does someone with no experience fight?
  • How you can use your setting, or construct your setting to make a more effective fight scene
  • How weapons change a fight
  • When you fight, you get hit. How getting hit feels for your characters and how their need for recovery might affect your plot.

and much more in this information packed masterclass.

Who is Alan Baxter?

Alan Baxter is the author of Realmshift and Magesign, speculative fiction novels published by Gryphonwood Press as well as a podcaster with Thrillercast, on writing and reading thriller novels. Alan is also a martial arts instructor with 25 years experience and has published “Write the Fight Right” in order to help authors write more effective fight scenes.

“The time flew with Alan Baxter’s fun and physical approach to writing fight scenes. As a writer, this has definitely improved my ability to write physical confrontation. Recommended to those writers wanting balanced, and more importantly realistic, fight scenes.” Daniel I Russell

If you would like a taster of Alan’s teaching, you can check out the interview I did with him here.

What does the masterclass include?

A live webinar was held and recorded so you get access to the recording of the video which you can download or watch online. You also get the audio as an mp3 so you can listen on your iPod. There is also a full colour slide pack with extra information included.

Once you click to buy, you will be able to pay with Paypal or a credit card and you will be given the access details for the online course which is behind a password protected page.

If you are not happy with the material, I offer 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. I want to provide useful information to you so I am committed to providing great value.

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